Didata WordPress Connection

Link your WordPress environment with Didata and automatically display your offerings on your website.

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WordPress connection

Is your inventory in Didata and would you like to display it automatically on your website? Convident has the right link for an automated link with the Didata CRM system also called CombiPac. We have a module that links your website and automatically retrieves all information.

Display in website

In consultation determine how the information should be displayed in the website. Here we have a lot of flexibility, as experienced developers anything is possible. This can be within an existing website but of course we can also set up a complete environment.

Use our existing link

Because we already have an existing link that we can use, this saves a lot of work. Through a simple dashboard we fill in the details of your account. Then the system will retrieve the stock and display basic information about the synchronization.

WP & Online marketing experts

We work entirely according to WordPress standards and therefore this module can be used in any environment. Here we take into account the latest standards of the Internet. Thus, the page will be search engine friendly, fast and easy to manage.

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Our clients.

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