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Rick Dreise

Rick Dreise (1988) is an entrepreneur through and through. Rick is the co-founder of Convident B.V. At his 25th, he founded his first internet enterprise. Personal characteristics: entrepreneurial, commercial background, cares about long term relationships, a deal is a deal, hard work and proper relaxation.
He has a passion for (fast) cars and motorcycles. He also wants to explore the world and is determined to become an excellent entrepreneur. From his role as a co-founder, Rick would like to have a conversation with you. Debating? Rick is the one for the job.

“Do not solely be a passenger, but also be behind the wheel yourself.”

Becoming Successful & Starting New Initiatives

Rick Dreise is 33 years old and lives in Groningen. “I studied Commercial Economy at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen, with a minor marketing specialisation. After my study, I immediately stepped into the great commercial world to gain experience. I have held several commercial positions, but did they make me happy? Not really.” From working within a hierarchical structure, he certainly did not become any happier, therefore Rick decided to return to school in a whole new way: that is through the practice of independent entrepreneurship.

To create a brilliant team and the best product as a growing organisation, that needs time.

Rick has 3 years of experience as an independent internet entrepreneur when he crosses paths with his co-founder Rutger van de Griendt. Together with Rutger, they found Convident B.V., an organisation that focuses on developing websites, webshops and web applications. During the first 5 years, Convident grew from a start-up to a scale-up. “To create a brilliant team and the best product as a growing organisation, that needs time. I do it for the excitement of development, becoming successful and expanding. At first, we were actively in search of clients, expanding our network and our brand awareness. Now, clients find Convident and our growth has allowed us to broaden our reach to do business. For example, think of new business concepts and initiatives. That is extremely exciting and we are fully invested in this”, says Rick.

Rick Dreise in lapland, Convident

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Johan Cruijff – “I have no secret to success. You can only do your best, get enjoyment out of it and collect good people around you. Because on your own, you cannot do anything, together you can do everything.”

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  • Directeur algemene zaken
  • Co-founder Convident
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  • Opleiding Commerciële Economie

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050 – 553 23 34

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