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Rutger van de Griendt (1985) is driven and entrepreneurial. Rutger is the co-founder of Convident B.V. At his 26th, he founded his first internet enterprise. Personal characteristics: commercial background, closely follows all IT trends, long term relationships, collaboration and connecting.
From an early age, Rutger has been interested in the internet, but more specific, websites. Often with a creative idea and a specific revenue model. Because the website itself is not the goal, but acquiring more visitors and keeping them there is! Are you looking for a debating partner to discuss your (online) business idea’s? Then Rutger is the one to choose. With his many years of experience as an entrepreneur and with the realisation of online concepts, he can effectively support you with the transformation of an idea into a revenue model.

“Why make it difficult, when you can do it together.”

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  • Co-founder of Convident
  • Entrepreneur

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06 – 36 17 12 79
050 – 553 23 34

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