Going live: the new Loopplezier website by Convident

The website of Loopplezier recently went live! This website reflects the sporty and motivated nature of Loopplezier as an organization. That is why various gadgets have been added to the website that we will explain further in this blog. Convident was happy to work with LoopFun to develop the best custom website for them and the result is impressive!

LoopplezierLogo Loopplezier

Loopplezier is a Dutch organization, located in Groningen, and they are the platform for walkers and runners. After 10 years of providing running training to novice runners, under Start 2 Run, as the running shop RunX Groningen. In 2016 they decided to do this on their own initiative with Loopplezier. For example, they started several courses, including the Running Starters Course and the Advanced Course. Loopplezier guides schools and companies, for both runners and walkers, you can contact them for advice, training, and much more. They also have a decent range of services that you can find on their website!

A new website

Nowadays it is difficult to be an organization without a website and the people of Loopplezier realized that too. Convident came in handy and we were happy to help them with a beautiful website. We mainly wanted to keep their house style intact and we have therefore built a website that is fully in line with it. Because Loopplezier focuses on running and walking, all the necessary information about running and walking is displayed in training plans, recipes and blogs. They also offer various training courses. They offer training for starters, but also for the more advanced with the training for a half marathon. Check out the website for all the training they offer.

In addition to all the information, a number of tools have also been built into the website that can come in handy for runners and walkers. For example, a pace-distance tool is built into the website. This ensures that you can see how fast you have to walk if you want to cover a certain distance by a certain time. A tool has also been built into the website that can calculate your walking or walking speed. Finally, there is also a tool in the website that performs the Zoladz test. This is a test with which you can check in which heart rate zone(s) have improved or deteriorated after a training period.

So, take a look at the Loopplezier website to see everything!


Develop your website with Convident

The Loopplezier website clearly shows that they offer services such as schedules, recipes, blogs and training courses for which you can subscribe. And all this thanks to Convident’s development and design team. Do you also want such a beautiful website that meets your wishes and is tailored to your corporate identity? Please do not hesitate to contact us, because we are happy to help you! We therefore think it is important to excel as a full-service digital agency, by offering you all the customized options. This way you get a personalized website and/or webshop!

Convident would therefore like to invite you for an introductory meeting and a nice cup of coffee. Together we can discuss all your wishes and preferences, on the basis of which we can implement your unique house style in your personalized website or webshop! In addition, Convident can also help your company with online marketing, such as an SEO and SEA campaign, link building and social media marketing for this website or webshop. Would you like to view our full range? Then you can find these on the Convident services page on our website. Hopefully we’ll hear more from you soon and you’ll be the next customer we create a brand new website for!

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