Going live: The new Xstate website built by Convident

Xstate’s new website recently went live! Are you also so curious?! Xstate’s new website is a perfect reflection of the company’s young state of mind. Our Convident designers and developers have done their best to create a personalized website for Xstate. And we are both very proud of the end result! Want to know more about Xstate going live? Then read on!


Xstate was founded in 2018 and has offices in Groningen, Leeuwarden and Eindhoven. It is an organization that specializes in finding young talent for the public domain. They strongly believe in the fresh and uninhibited view that young talent can give. This gives opportunity to develop new ideas and insights. They therefore also want to ensure that young talent has the opportunity to tackle current social challenges, especially in the field of sustainability. They do this, among other things, by offering energetic sustainability traineeships, which were developed together with the Administrative Academy of the Netherlands. In addition to the traineeships, they also offer vacancies for professionals and internal vacancies. Are you looking for a challenge in the world of sustainability, Are you curious about what they can do for your organization? Then check out their website.


For a company, such as Xstate, that helps companies find fresh talent, having a representative website is a must. This is how Xstate came into contact with Convident, the full-service digital agency that could provide them with the perfect customized website. The new Xstate website therefore perfectly reflects what Xstate is like as a company. Our experts therefore found it important to implement their corporate identity in an aesthetic and functional way. The Xstate website therefore reflects what they offer as a company in a unique and well-arranged way. In addition, the logo often returns within the website, which gives a nice and unique extra to the recognizability of the Xstate website.

Their vision is also reflected in their brand new website, which Convident and Xstate are very proud of! A website like this is the perfect tool to connect young talent and experienced professionals with great organizations. The website contains a great search function, so that every visitor quickly ends up on the right page. In addition, the vacancy overview and the individual vacancies are displayed incredibly clearly and the same applies to the application procedure. The application procedure has been elaborated in several steps so that it is possible to measure how many people actually fill in and complete the form.

Find out on the new website!

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