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Google advertising sounds like a very obvious concept; advertise within Google. Google advertising is therefore very similar to search engine advertising or SEA marketing. Because Google is the most popular search engine or search engine on the internet, we have chosen to write a special page for Google advertising. There are many different parts of Google advertising covered. These are all different from each other in their own way. However, they all have one common goal. Google advertising is all about getting high positions with your website or webshop in Google’s paid search results. How to start with this as an entrepreneur, what different options there are, and why Google advertising is so important is explained in more detail below.

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What is Google Advertising?

With Google advertising you are therefore advertising with advertisements in the paid search results of the search engine Google. The paid search results are shown in Google at the top of the results page (SERP) and therefore above the organic search results. Google advertising therefore costs you money as an entrepreneur, but can be very profitable when applied in the correct way. That is why it is very important to have a clear plan when you start with Google advertising. At Convident we always start the Google advertising process with an extensive keyword research. In the keyword research, our online marketers look for the search terms that your target group(s) search for. These search terms are very relevant to your business. We use the results of keyword research, among other things, to develop successful advertising campaigns. The only question is how are the developed advertising campaigns displayed within Google. There are all different options for this, which are explained in more detail below.

“Advertising in Google requires a strategic plan”

95% of Dutch internet users use Google as a search engine

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What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an advertising program developed by Google. Within Google Ads, it is possible for the entrepreneur to manage his various advertising campaigns. In addition, Google Ads is required to participate in Google’s auction model. To be able to show your ads on the Google Network, you need to make a bid. All entrepreneurs who have developed advertisements and want to display them in the search engine participate in this auction model. But how does the Google Ads auction model work?

Read on for the different bidding strategies

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3. The expected click-through-rate (CTR)

Google determines in advance the expected number of clicks per day on a developed ad. Google calls this calculation the expected click-through rate (CTR). How Google Ads makes this exact calculation is difficult to say. A high CTR means that Google Ads expects many users to click on your ad. Your quality score will then increase.

As we have seen, the Quality Score, together with the level of competition, determines whether or not your ad will be shown on the Google Network. The Quality Score of your ad is a number between 1 and 10. A low competition level and a high-Quality Score of around 9 will lead to a favorable position with your ad within the auction model.

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Below we explain the different bidding strategies within Google Ads. Read them carefully and determine which goal is relevant to your ad campaign and company.

1. The smart bidding strategies

Within Google Ads there are several smart bidding strategies. The smart bid strategies are also known as the Google Ads automatic bid strategies. This is because with this strategy the actions are taken out of the hands of the entrepreneur. Google Ads determines on the basis of your chosen smart bidding strategies what should be bid, etc. This bidding strategy is especially suitable if you as an entrepreneur are looking for conversions through your advertising campaign. Google Ads uses machine learning for its smart bidding strategies. Google Ads determines your bid for each auction. When the chance of a conversion or the conversion value is high, Google Ads will offer more. Google automatically determines for you to offer less and not to be visible when the chance of a conversion is small.

Google Ads uses machine learning in smart bidding strategies

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2. The click strategy

In addition to the smart bidding strategies, there is also the click strategy. Within Google Ads, you can also have the goal of getting clicks with your ads. If you, as an entrepreneur, want to generate traffic to your website or webshop, there are two bidding strategies to choose from:

  • Maximize clicks
  • Manual CPC bidding

Below we take a closer look at both strategies.

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3. The Visibility Strategy

The final strategy within Google Ads is the visibility bid strategy. With this strategy, the goal is to show your ad when a user is looking for the products or services you offer. For the purpose of visibility, there is one strategy possible within Google Ads. This bid strategy is target-impression share. Target Impression Share is an automated strategy in which the trader has to manually set a maximum CPC bid. In this way, the entrepreneur can never pay too much than he would like. This strategy is aimed at making you as visible as possible in Google. You can choose where within the results page (SERP) you want to be visible with your advertisements:

Google Ads has 6 different ad formats to get started with

Ad forms within Google Ads

Now that we know how Google Ads works and the different bidding strategies there are within Google Ads, it’s time to look at the different ad forms that are possible. The ad forms can be shown in various places in the Google Network and all have their own goal in mind. We start by explaining the most famous form of an advertisement: the text advertisement.

2. Display advertising

Display advertising or display advertising uses advertisements in the form of banners. Banners are advertisements that are displayed on websites such as, and YouTube. They are graphic ads and can therefore convey more images than the standard text ads. With so many people active on the internet today, the potential reach of display advertising is huge.

A banner ad differs from a standard ad in terms of text, images, videos, flash and audio. With display advertising, for example, you can give a positive boost to your brand awareness. Through the applications of banner advertisements, you can make your advertisements very targeted and have them match your target group(s).

Banner ads are shown on the Google Display Network (GDN)

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5. Google Shopping

Google Shopping is an online sales service from Google. You may have already seen Google Shopping when you searched for a certain keyword in Google. Google Shopping makes it possible to show your products to internet users when they search for keywords that are relevant to your products. The products from Google Shopping are shown at the top of the results page (SERP) in Google. It thus provides the internet user with an overview of the most relevant products related to his search. Within Google Shopping you can be shown in the organic way or in the paid way.

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6. Remarketing

The last form of advertising in Google is remarketing. Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is an online marketing method in which you let previous visitors to your website or webshop find their way back to your website/webshop by means of targeted advertisements. This group of website visitors has visited your website before and is therefore interested in the products you offer. Because consumers often need multiple contact moments to make a purchase, a remarketing campaign can be very relevant for your business. In addition, remarketing often gives the extra boost with the help of highly targeted image, text and video ads.

Now that we know what remarketing is, we can look at which different platforms remarketing can be applied to. But first, we need to know which internet users are eligible for remarketing campaigns because they have visited your website or webshop before. That is why the remarketing process always starts with placing a remarketing tag on every page of your website or webshop. A remarketing tag is a code snippet that is placed in the backend of your website. Visitors to your website/webshop are added to so-called remarketing lists by means of a remarketing tag and a (legal) cookie. These lists are used to segment and then show them advertisements.

Remarketing can be very profitable with the right implementation

Finally, for a remarketing campaign, you can also use the channel for the Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA) feature. If internet users have already visited your website or webshop via text advertisements, you can target this group again via RLSA with remarketing advertisements.

“Advertising within Google brings many advantages, do you also keep an eye on the disadvantages?”

What are the pros and cons of Google advertising?

Applying Google advertising to your business can have several advantages and/or disadvantages. Below we have prepared a list for you.

Google shopping

3. Appear at the top

As mentioned before, the Google Ads ads are shown to internet users at the top of the results page (SERP0). By entering the correct bid in the Google Ads auction model, you can ensure that you are shown at the top of the paid search results. It costs an entrepreneur in search engine optimization or SEO much more time and therefore money to obtain high positions in the organic search results.

4. Brand awareness

By advertising in the Google search network or the Google Display Network (GDN) you can increase your brand awareness. Highly targeted and relevant advertisements give users a positive association with your brand and company.

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Kansrijk Beroep – municipality of Groningen
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Why is Google advertising important?

More and more companies have started advertising through Google. This means that it is becoming increasingly expensive, but also increasingly popular among entrepreneurs. This has to do with the many benefits of Google advertising when applied correctly. We see commercials on television nowadays more and more as annoying or intrusive. While ads from Google still retain their value. As we have seen, ads within Google have become smarter, more targeted and therefore more relevant for internet users. With Google advertising, you often target users who have already shown interest in your products. You have the solution for this group of people and offer it through a targeted advertisement.

“Convident’s SEA specialists can set up your Google advertising campaigns”

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What does Google advertising cost?

We have seen that for advertising within Google one has to be on Google Ads. An advertising campaign within Google Ads is based on the auction model. This determines whether or not an advertisement is shown in the paid search results. The auction model depends on two factors. Namely the level of competition and the quality score of the ad in question. With a high level of competition and a low-Quality Score, your ad will probably not be shown. Conversely, with a low competition level and a high-quality score, your ad will be shown. The costs that you as an entrepreneur pay for running an advertising campaign within Google are therefore highly dependent on the competition.

The cost of advertising in Google is highly dependent on the competition

The above shows that the average cost per click in the Google search network is higher than in the Google Display Network (GDN). The Google search network includes search in Google, Google Maps, Google Shopping, Google images, discussion groups in Google, and Google search partners. On the other hand, the GDN consists of sites such as Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, Google Finance, and sites set up as search partners such as and Within the search network, the click-through rate or click-through rate is higher than within the GDN. As a result, the costs for an ad campaign in the search network are also higher than if the ads are only shown in the GDN.

Finally, the costs of an advertising campaign strongly depend on the sector concerned. For example, in the financial & insurance sector, the average cost of the CPC is around €50.00. Larger companies, such as Amazon, pay $50 million a year in Google Ads for their campaigns. These are amounts that smaller companies cannot afford to pay. Fortunately, the average cost of the CPC in SMEs is lower. For example, an SMB company spends an average of $1,000 to $2,000 per month on Google Ads. This equates to $18,000 a year for the company. For example, we see that the average costs for an advertising campaign on Google depend on several factors.

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Outsourcing Google advertising to Convident

As we have seen and read, a lot of things are involved when setting up an advertising campaign within Google. What will your ad look like, what is your bidding strategy within Google Ads, where will you place your ads and how will you measure the results? There are many steps for a company, in which difficult choices have to be made. Outsourcing advertising within Google can therefore be very efficient. In terms of time and money, you save hope and you can focus on your products, services, customers, employees, and partners.

At Convident we set up your advertising campaign and manage it during the month. We have experience with different goals within ad campaigns, such as generating traffic or conversions. We do this, among other things, through the following applications:

1. Grip on the results

At Convident you always have a grip on the results with your advertising campaigns. We work with certified SEA specialists for placing your advertisements. For example, we have already been able to help several large and small brands with the responsible growth of their business in the online world. Through thorough research, we ensure that only potential customers are targeted who have a need for your products or services.

2. Control

As an entrepreneur you always have control over your advertising campaigns and (daily) set budgets. You can view everything in Google Ads, which makes it so handy and clear. This way, ads and keywords can be adjusted at any time of the day, as well as your budget and therefore campaign costs.

A success story never goes without a tactical plan

Could your website or webshop use more traffic and/or conversions? Contact us to advertise within Google with a targeted advertising campaign for your target audience(s). Do you just want to spar with an online marketer from Convident? Then visit the office to discuss the possibilities of advertising in Google for your company.

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