How does Convident ensure a sustainable working environment?

The ‘war for talent is not over yet! To this day, there is an unprecedented shortage in the labor market. In the fourth quarter of 2021, according to Statistics Netherlands, there were 105 unfilled vacancies per 100 unemployed. It is difficult for organizations to attract talent. In addition to finding new talent, it is also important to keep current talent on board. But how do we do that at Convident? It is important to create a sustainable working climate in which employees do not want to leave, and even better, are the leaders for others to join!

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What is a sustainable working climate?

On the one hand, a sustainable working climate is aimed at preventing situations that create a negative working climate, such as undesirable behaviour, aggression and too much physical strain. On the other hand, it is about stimulating aspects that provide a positive work climate, such as personal development, health and employee involvement.

How do we ensure a sustainable working climate?

We ensure a sustainable working climate by putting the employees first, because when you are good for your employees, this results in happy customers and partners. At Convident there is a close-knit corporate culture that is personal and informal. This is underlined by our employee stories. You can always ask your colleagues questions and together we work on solutions for our customers.

How do we ensure happy employees at Convident? We arrange weekly lunches, have weekly drinks and organize awesome team outings every quarter. And besides all the fun there is of course more! As an employee at Convident, we also consider your personal and professional development. For example, there is the possibility to receive further internal training, you can work from home or at the office, you will receive a salary that matches your level and your personal goals will be looked at on the basis of KPIs.

Convident is happy with you as an employee and also wants you as an employee to be happy with Convident!

Sustainable working environment

Employees speak

Cas has been working at Convident for five years now and has therefore been there from the very beginning. But what makes Cas so enthusiastic to have been working at Convident for five years? “I am very pleased that at Convident you are given the freedom and responsibility to shape your own position and where you would like to go. There is also an evaluation every month where everyone can provide input and always something with this In addition, there is a lot of informal consultation, new employees or interns are involved in everything and we have nice drinks. In short: there is an open working environment with little hierarchy and where everyone is in their place.”

Sander is also enthusiastic: “As an employee you can contribute a lot yourself, both within Convident and for customers. An example of this is that you can contribute ideas about the strategy. Convident is always in development, follows the latest trends and is experimenting with new techniques and functionalities. You are challenged by achieving objectives and continuing to develop by, for example, following a course. In addition to working, fun is also provided by, among other things, organizing team hang-outs and joint lunches.”

Do you also want to become a fan of Convident? Come on board with our team and find the vacancy that suits you!

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