Could Google Analytics be banned in the Netherlands soon?

The Austrian Data Protection Authority (AP) recently announced that the use of Google Analytics may soon no longer be allowed in the Netherlands. How is this possible?

Google Analytics & AVG

The Austrian privacy regulator started an investigation into the use of this tool from Google in January 2022 and recently completed it. This investigation shows that Google Analytics does not comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The Dutch Data Protection Authority has also launched an investigation in the Netherlands in response to two complaints about Google Analytics. The Dutch Data Protection Authority completes their study in early 2022. After the completion of the study, the Dutch Data Protection Authority will announce whether have to say goodbye to this tool in the Netherlands. It is striking, however, that the AP anticipates an investigation and issues such a warning. Normally, the regulator does not say anything about ongoing investigations. So far, the regulator can no longer share: “We are required by law to first complete the investigation ourselves before we can make further statements or share conclusions.”

The spokesperson does not see the warning on the AP website as anticipating things. Many organizations believe analytics is service-oriented. Many organizations have because of this questions about it. Organizations are ultimately responsible for keeping track of whether their products comply with the privacy law.

Google designed the software analytics. This software can be used to measure activities on websites. With the service it is possible to measure how much traffic a website has and how they ended up on the website.

For now, it remains to be seen what the AP ruling will be and how Google will respond to it. It is possible that Google will make some adjustments and we can still use it.

Google analytics

Will Google Analytics be banned immediately in the event of a violation?

If Google makes the necessary adjustments to be AVG-proof, everyone can continue to use this handy tool. Google has also responded to their own website. Users can now set the sent data themselves. For this you must use the guide below and you can set your Google Analytics in a privacy-friendly way.

Guide to setting up Google Analytics in a privacy-friendly manner.

Do you need help setting up your Google Analytics in a privacy-friendly way? Please contact us, our marketers will be happy to help you.

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