It’s Cyber Monday

The Christmas season is upon us again, with many discounts and many consumers starting their Christmas shopping. There are various promotional days, including such that have blown over from the United States such as Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Black Friday was last Friday and today it’s the turn of the online variant, Cyber ​​Monday! Some retailers even go as far as discounting for an entire week. But what does this mean? And how did it come about?

Origin of Cyber ​​Monday

Cyber ​​Monday is one of the biggest action days in the United States and has moved on to Europe. This day can be seen as the online variant of Black Friday as it is full of discounts and many products and services on offer. It is therefore only for companies with an online website where people make purchases. On this day, consumers can take advantage of hefty discounts online.

Cyber ​​Monday was first held in 2005 as a counterpart to Black Friday. Unlike Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday is exclusively online. Where shops ran into problems such as limited stock and people arguing in the store, webshops saw an opportunity to launch a day with only online offers. During Cyber ​​Monday, consumers can take advantage of big discounts without having to queue, without having to fight each other for that last TV. For companies with a webshop as well as a store, Cyber ​​Monday and Black Friday will be a double celebration. Where they can already give significant discounts in the store, they can go even further online during Cyber ​​Monday.

Since 2015, web shops in the Netherlands have also been participating in this discount festival. Where in 2015, only a handful of webshops participated, we now see almost every webshop participating. It has gone very fast over the years and every year more and more webshops participate in this and collect a large part of their annual turnover on Cyber ​​Monday.


Cyber Monday

Due to the current pandemic, people are spending more time at home and, therefore, more stuff is being bought online. Cyber ​​Monday is, for this reason, also an action day with online discounts and purchases that can be completely corona-proof.

However, the logistical aspect must be taken into account. All those online purchases must of course also be sent to the consumer and that can be quite a task with the many purchases on Cyber ​​Monday. It is therefore estimated that Cyber ​​Monday will have an even greater impact on the logistics sector than Black Friday. It even goes so far that Cyber ​​Monday is seen as the busiest parcel day of 2021. So be transparent with your customers and make sure they take the longer delivery time into account compared to other periods.

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