Meta has changed the targeting options for Facebook Ads

Please note: as of January 19, 2022, a number of targeting options for new campaigns within Facebook Ads will no longer be possible. Do you have any ongoing campaigns with these removed targeting options? After March 17, ongoing campaigns with the removed targeting options can no longer be edited. So at Convident, we recommend that you check your Facebook Ads targeting settings before March 17!

Reducing the targeting options within Facebook Ads is a change that was coming. The search engines, such as Google, and social media platforms have become increasingly smart these days. In recent years it has become easier for advertisers to find their target audience via the internet. The detailed targeting options ensure that the user can be shown a very personal advertisement. This is not only an advantage for the advertiser, but also for the user. Personal advertisements ensure relevant and valuable interactions between (potential) customers and organizations.

However, the detailed targeting options also have a downside. Understandably, people nowadays object more to the collection of their personal data. Being identified on the internet on the basis of social groups, health status or demographic characteristics is less desirable. Meta agrees, and has therefore decided to change the targeting options within Facebook Ads.

What will change in Facebook Ads targeting options?

On January 19, 2022, Facebook removed targeting options in four major categories:

  • Health
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religious groups
  • Political beliefs

This means that from January 19 it will no longer be possible to start a new advertising campaign that contains one of these four targeting options. Existing advertising campaigns (before January 19) have the option to target these categories until March 17. From March 17, this is no longer possible.

After March 17, it will no longer be possible to adjust campaigns that contain these targeting options. At Convident we therefore advise everyone to check the targeting settings of your advertising campaigns within Facebook Ads. We have of course also arranged this for our SEA customers!

How does this affect other platforms?

The update that Meta is making for Facebook Ads may also affect other social media platforms. Until now, Meta in particular has experienced negative attention and pressure when it comes to privacy and sensitive information. It could well be that Meta makes even more adjustments to the targeting options for Facebook Ads. The company has not released anything about this yet. In addition, other Meta platforms, such as Instagram, can also make these adjustments.

Besides Meta, there are many other social media platforms. If companies from this sector do not follow the steps and updates that Meta is taking, it is possible that these social media platforms will receive the same criticism. We won’t be surprised if these companies also make updates to their targeting options sooner or later. If this is the case, we will inform you.

Are you curious about how the new Meta update can affect your advertising campaigns? Feel free to contact us. Let one of our SEA specialists check your Facebook Ads. Then you know for sure that you are in the right place! 

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