No child without friends, Convident donates!

Het Gehandicapte Kind‘ is committed to children with disabilities. As a company or person, give your support, take action or make a donation just like the Convident team. Because no child is without friends. As a child with a disability you do not get the same opportunities as other children. Not even the chance to make friends. In the Netherlands, more than 10,000 children with disabilities never go to school. And we want to change that together, so we are proud ambassadors of ‘Samen naar School‘, according to Rick Dreise and Rutger van de Griendt on behalf of the Convident foundation.

Children with disabilities often feel lonely. Because they can’t or shouldn’t participate. What does it do to you if you can’t participate? And how does your life change if it suddenly becomes possible? Read this for personal stories and the latest news about playing, learning and sports together. The foundation fights loneliness by playing, learning and exercising together. The Convident foundation is happy to contribute to the Together to School project.

“Joke Visser: We want to start up new Together to School classes without government subsidy. We are very happy with and grateful for the offer and support of team Convident”

Independent Foundation makes a dream come true

A society in which children with and without disabilities grow up together. In which it is completely normal that they go to school together, play games and do sports together at the same sports club. That is the dream of ‘Het Gehandicapte Kind’ Foundation. The Dutch Foundation for ‘Het Gehandicapte Kind’ is an independent foundation. They can do our work thanks to the support of the many donors, volunteers and everyone else involved who want to achieve the same: no child without friends. They work hard every day to realize that dream. With a permanent team, consisting of 21 colleagues with and without disabilities. With the 10,000 volunteers who take care of the annual national collection. And with more than 1,000 project partners with whom we realize almost 400 projects.

The inspired and ambitious goals of Lotte Crone, Diane Rutten, Lya de Hulster and Joke Visser, among others, have entered the Convident team enormously. “Wow, we have to do something about this,” said Rick. Rick continues: “We think it is important that we give something back to society”. We started out by supporting social projects with our services. The Ronald McDonald House and the Assen voor Assen Foundation are good examples of this. This turned out to be so successful that the Convident foundation was created. Rutger: “From the 17 world goals, makes Convident a substantial contribution to education and collaboration for the goals every year. The match between our social criteria and ‘Het gehandicapte Kind’ was equal. It was wonderful to be able to offer this as a result.”

Foundation for charities

The Convident foundation supports and develops social initiatives. Locally, nationally and around the world. The foundation was established after 5 years of Convident. Convident BV contributes by handing over part of our profits to the foundation. Every year we focus on a new initiative, in which we pay special attention to vulnerable target groups. We help ‘Het gehandicapte Kind’  Foundation by using our Convident foundation for this. We do this in the following way:

  • Convident is donating € 1500 from the Convident foundation.
  • Convident relations start an action and donate the result via In the description of the action, the link to (Expertise Center) Together to School can then be clearly made, so that they can ensure that the amount raised also specifically benefits this project.
  • We call on our customers, partners and relations to donate with us or to make a direct donation to the foundation: NL76 RABO 0334 4334 44 ovv (Expertisecentrum) Samen naar School.
  • Convident is a completely voluntary digital partner of ‘Het Gehandicapte Kind’ and ‘Samen naar School’.

In this way we help ‘Het Gehandicapte Kind’ foundation to create a world in which children with disabilities have an equal opportunity for education. But of course we cannot do this alone. That is why (even after the check has been handed over) we appeal to our customers, partners and relations to donate with us.

Donate directly  Foundation donation

* A donation via the Convident foundation can be made via our IBAN account number NL74INGB0006743777 on the contact page, in the name of ‘Samen naar School’. We will ensure that your donation, together with all other donations, is transferred to Stichting ‘Het Gehandicapte Kind’ and that your company name is presented during the presentation of the amount!

“Het Gehandicapte Kind foundation believes that children with and without disabilities should be able to go to school together as much as possible. And so do we!”

Fortunately an increasing reach

At ‘Het Gehandicapte Kind’ foundation, participation is central: “Nothing about us, without us!” All their actions are based on the knowledge and experiences of the children and young people themselves. They are in continuous dialogue with Children’s Ambassadors, Children’s Council and Children’s Panel. And they hear the stories of children and parents they meet on ongoing projects. This way they hear what is going on and what the children need.

The Children’s Ambassadors form the connection with society. The Children’s Council contributes ideas to policy and has contributed, among other things, to the Policy Framework 2021-2025. And the Children’s Panel is involved in research into developments in society that affect children with disabilities. All these children indicate that they want to go to school in their own neighbourhood, together with their brothers, sisters and peers. That is what we are achieving with the ‘Samen naar School classroom’ project from our Learning Together program. Would you like more information about ‘Het Gehandicapte Kind’ foundation or ‘Samen naar School’?

Stichting het Gehandicapte Kind   Samen naar School


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