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Earthquake damage creates a lot of demand for construction or repair work. Convident has been commissioned to develop a web application for a 1000 Banen plan that brings supply and demand together. An easy and clear input for municipalities and participants was central during the realization of the system. Our programmers have developed this fully custom-made in Laravel. The ultimate goal is for residents and entrepreneurs from the area to benefit from the opportunities this creates. Convident plays an important role in this in the field of custom ICT solutions.

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“Proud of the web application in which employers and employees know how to find each other”


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Acceleration in training

The demand for personnel is higher than the supply and this will continue in the coming years. Where can you still find professionals? The partners of the 1000 Banen plan therefore accelerate the training of the right people. This is done in collaboration with (practical) trainers and employers. For example, professionals who are ready to carry out the work.

During the realization of the web application, Convident took into account the input for municipalities of participants in the system. The built-in rights that protect what users are allowed to see is also essential for the use of the platform. An automatic email is sent from the system for reminders, and attention has been paid to the login for educational institutions. They can specifically monitor and report the progress of their own participants. The advantages of 1000 Banen plan at a glance:

  • Promising initiatives reimbursed
  • For construction, technology and promising sectors
  • One regional tender calendar
  • Employer determines the workplace(s)
  • Acceleration of customized training
  • Recruit affordable new staff
  • Social Return
  • Kansrijkberoep.nl

Both parties are proud of the web application in which employers and employees know how to find each other. A continuous and valuable collaboration that Convident and the Municipality of Groningen are proud of!

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