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ARKY is a manufacturer that provides AED wall boxes and other AED accessories to tens of thousands of people worldwide. ARKY brand AED wall boxes have been available in more than 30 countries since 2008. The brand ensures that AEDs can be installed anywhere, anytime under any condition. In addition, they ensure that the findability and mobility of AEDs are increased with the accessories they provide. They argue that the safe storage of an AED is at least as important as the defibrillator itself. It was up to Convident to successfully market the product online. With fantastic results as a result!

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“Extremely light and durable AED wall cabinets, all brands of AEDs fit in an ARKY wall cabinet”

Arky website

AED product showcase

For ARKY we went through a complete online process.
From concepting, wireframes, web design and technical realization with web hosting and maintenance. We built the ARKY website with product showcase in WordPress + Woocommerce. The ARKY brand provides both indoor and outdoor wall cabinets. It is important that visitors can create online requests for the products. For indoors, the brand has developed high quality metal cabinets. Because the cabinets are made of aluminum, they are extremely light and durable. Convident has translated these USPs and clearly included them in the presentation. For outdoors, ARKY has two variants available. Both variants are made of high quality High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) and are 100% water and dust resistant.
The AED can be safely stored in these cabinets in different weather conditions such as heat, rain, snow and frost. The brand ARKY delivers solid AED wall cabinets and this is fully reflected in the website with a showcase module. Any AED will fit in an ARKY wall cabinet. Moreover, the brand has been on the market for years and therefore has experience in protecting AEDs so they can work anytime and anywhere. Both parties are proud of the long term cooperation and hope to operate successfully online for years to come.

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