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AVE-Solutions, located in the municipality of Midden-Groningen, has been working on film, television and video projects for more than 15 years and clearly conveys the desired message with the right feeling. AVE-Solutions is a project organization and our customers experience us as effective and efficient. They are curious, involved and motivated. By sharing facilities and knowledge, they are always able to be innovative. The recordings and edits are made by filmmaker Marcel de Boer, who has earned his stripes with dozens of corporate and product films for various industries at home and abroad.

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AVE-Solutions is certified and qualified for a safe and reliable workflow. The planned recordings are discussed in advance with the supervisor at the work location and positions are clearly made known. If a situation is not considered safe, AVE-Solutions will stop its activities and immediately contact the supervisor at the work location. This qualification should be strongly reflected in the WordPress website environment of AVE.

From an extensive conceptual phase, wireframing and designing, we have made the translation of the AVE-Solutions brand. The website is designed to present as much video content presentation and information about the AVE services as possible. We have ensured that the service pages are designed to be informative. This way, potential customers and visitors can find what they need, all in one video environment with clear CTAs to provide the visitor with information as quickly as possible.

Convident has emphatically taken on an advisory role. AVE content and new images have been used to provide visitors with clarity about the distinctiveness of AVE. We have also built in a custom login module, to get an (even) more familiar feeling with AVE.

It is incredibly beautiful and above all enjoyable collaboration with AVE owner Marcel de Boer!

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