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Research & target audience analysis

Convident has built the new website and intranet for BCM Ouderenzorg in collaboration with Puuridee. After an intensive target group analysis, we translated the results into a new WordPress CMS web environment. BCM stands for the elderly, who deserve a pleasant and safe living environment. An environment where they feel at home and where they can lead the life they feel most comfortable with. Convident and Puuridee support BCM with their online communications. What started with a website, was later expanded with a complete intranet environment.

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Website and intranet

A good website consists of a well thought-out design and a perfect technical realization. Together with the customer, Puuridee looked at the right translation of brand, accessibility and core values. The result is a web design that perfectly matches BCM’s wishes. The technical realization was carried out by Convident. We used WordPress as a content management system. We have developed a custom template for this. In our work at Convident, we take into account high web standards in combination with ease of use and the appearance of the website. 

In addition to successfully realizing the website, Puuridee and Convident received a nice follow-up assignment for the development of a BCM intranet environment. The intranet is intended for internal use, in which employees of the organization can use, among other things, document shares, agenda functionalities, Facebook, vacancies, bulletin board, frequently asked questions, internal applications and a birthday calendar. The internet was custom developed by Convident in a Laravel environment. Ease of use and user safety are central to this. In order to stimulate use by all BCM employees, the information provision has been combined with an attractive layout, an appropriate atmosphere and a clear call to actions (CTA). 

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