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De Vries XL is a family business, founded in 1946 as a home-based shop with a wide range of products. From then on, the physical shop has only continued to grow and they have expanded their product range in various ways over the years. Today, De Vries XL is a real garden furniture shop with 3000m² at their disposal. Convident has been working very closely with the company regarding their online activities for years. We started with providing support for their existing webshop. Later, we custom designed and built a completely new one in WordPress with WooCommerce. 


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“WooCommerce is the perfect way for us to sell online.”

De Vries XL

Physical shop vs. webshop

De Vries XL called on Convident for the online appearance and product sales. We have been working together for many years in a lot of areas: from wire frames and web design to building the webshops and online promotion. Our contact with De Vries XL’s owners and marketers is pleasant with communication lines. You can find all their products in the webshop, which has also been strongly connected with the physical shop. Visitors should immediately get the right feeling as soon as they enter the webshop. The physical shop’s atmosphere is directly related to the appearance of the WooCommerce webshop, built in WordPress. A conscious choice was made to also show lots of information about the physical shop and its history, with the ultimate shopping pages supporting the online sales.

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