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As exclusive importer for the Benelux and France Defibrion is focused on the supply, installation and maintenance of Heartsine AEDs. There is a team of service staff present in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Convident designed and built a new website for Defibrion. Convident also plays an essential role in the development and we have an advisory role in online marketing.

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Mix between experience and shop

Defibrion is the AED and BHV expert. One-stop shop for products, services and advice. Defibrion has recently expanded its offer with a full range of safety equipment, which is offered under the name of Deficare. This is a complete safety solution where safety equipment is taken out of your hands. Convident has built in a tool that makes it easier to choose AED products and to order/pay for them online. We have done this through an extensive graphic process that Convident has realized based on the corporate identity of Defibrion, we went to work on the construction of the webshop. Visitors can now act quickly through clear CTAs (calls to actions). A real mix between experience and the built-in webshop.

A valuable collaboration focused on the long run, something both parties are proud of!

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