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Digital developments are moving at lightning speed. Where a certain technology is fully accepted today, it may be obsolete tomorrow. Keeping up with all the changes can be quite a challenge. Libraries in North Fryslân realized this and asked Convident to provide digital support and to help the young and old in its catchment area. How do we do that? Together with a strategic marketer, Convident has realized a complete restyle of the expressions for Digi-Taalhuis Plus. From logo, business card, web environment to search engine optimization and social media. As we like to call it at Convident: a total process!

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“Convident translates our Digi-Language to Programming-Language”

DIGI-taal huis plus

Literacy down to the last detail

The Digi-Taalhuis Plus brings together all initiatives related to Digital Literacy. Sometimes it concerns courses, activities and programming that have to do with making our visitors more digitally proficient. This can be in the field of privacy, programming or seeking information. But sometimes it also means that we make space and material available with so-called ‘maker places’ to get started developing ideas.

Convident has developed the new house style. In addition, we set up the wireframes and web designs in WordPress CMS into a working prototype. All expressions make the total online presentation a coherent whole towards the target groups of Digi-Taalhuis Plus. A well-arranged website, especially considering the offer to all different target groups. On behalf of Digi-Taalhuis Plus, Ferenc Jacobs (Project Leader Digital Literacy) and strategic partner Gerard Duursma are full of praise for the collaboration. All parties involved are proud of the end result!

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