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By realizing sustainable energy projects, Enber aims to accelerate the sustainable energy transition. Clients vary from developers, the government, financiers and energy funds. They use Enber to get projects implemented. Enber develops ideas on behalf of and with clients, draws up financeable plans, takes care of financing, approaches the market and sets aside loans and equity. Convident has proudly developed the website for Enber.

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The initiator of Enber is Bernard Stornebrink, founder and owner of Corporate Match, an acquisition and financing specialist, which has successfully brought many parties together since 2002. He also carries out various board positions with great enthusiasm. However, it will not surprise you: it is also about bringing together, making decisions. In short, a wonderful initiative to be able to contribute with Convident!

They also accelerate through fund management, mediation or project leadership. Enber ensures that the various parties involved see their own as well as the common interest served. And that’s what makes the Enber website powerful!



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