Stichting UAF

The Oldest Refugee Organisation of the Netherlands

Team Convident supports the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF. We offer internships and work experience places to students who are affiliated with UAF.

The Foundation for Refugee Students UAF is an independent foundation that represents the interests of refugee students and professionals. They offer refugees opportunities to develop themselves further, educationally and professionally. That is how the foundation helps them on their way with advice, guide, financial support and deployment of a network. “We are proud of the commitment and support of Convident”, according to Maartje de Jong – programme counsellor North/East.

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Mardjan Seighali – Supervisor-manager: “We are convinced that everyone that can apply their knowledge, is significant in the Netherlands. That is why we are committed to it.

Goede doelen onderwijs

What does Convident do?

  • We set two internships or work experience places a year available for students from the UAF.
  • Convident will also volunteer to be available as a digital partner for the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF.

Your Contribution?

We cannot do it alone! Therefore we call on companies and entrepreneurs to make a difference and to also install candidates from the UAF. This can be directly from the UAF or via us. Use our experience with the UAF and get excited to deliver a contribution. Every contribution is incredibly valuable! Would you like to collaborate with the UAF, just like Convident?

Collaborate with UAF

“Proud of the great employment placements at Convident”

“Join in, together for the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF!”

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