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Planet 3P0 is an independent platform that supports and connects residents and companies with sustainable initiatives in an area. Convident has realized an online sustainability platform together with and for Groningen three point zero (3P0). Marco Agema of Groningen 3P0 is very pleased with the go-live of the platform and visited Rick Dreise of Convident with a beautiful bunch of flowers. Groningen 3p0 is a combination of Groningen 3.0 and the 3Ps. It stands for a new, future-proof version of the city of Groningen.

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“Great to see that this digital club has achieved this with us”

The city of Groningen

Ambitious target

Convident is internet partner of Groningen 3P0. We have made a voluntary contribution to the power of the platform with our services. From design and web development to management and maintenance. “We are proud to contribute to a platform that aims to make the city of Groningen 100% sustainable by 2025. It is wonderful to use our knowledge and expertise for this and as a digital agency, with many young people in the city of Groningen, we are happy to contribute to a sustainable future. Hopefully many northern participants will follow”, says Rick Dreise of Convident.

Entrepreneur and co-initiator Marco Agema is active on several fronts to put the theme of sustainability fully on the map. “Great to see that an enthusiastic club, from the heart of Groningen, has achieved this with us. The goal we have with Groningen 3P0 is ambitious, but by connecting sustainable parties we want to make the goal possible with an acceleration. An experienced party such as Convident, which still has a long and successful future ahead of it, can help make the difference in this regard,” says Marco Agema.

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