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Exercise is important for health, function and performance. In order to be able to say something substantial about exercise, ProCare believes it should be measured reliably. So they both supply and give advice on measuring equipment. Professionals around the world rely on ProCare’s knowledge and equipment every day. Convident has been working very closely with the company regarding their online activities for years. What began with website changes within their WordPress CMS environment, has been expanded with a closed WooCommerce webshop environment with customised order lists. This has been developed exclusively for the customers of ProCare.

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“The people at Convident deliver custom work, from our website to our WooCommerce shop environment.”

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Sustainable and innovative solutions

ProCare strives to deliver sustainable and innovative solutions to businesses and organisations in healthcare and sports. ProCare has been a supplier of medical (sports) equipment since 2003. They like to establish lasting relationships with their stakeholders and are happy to cooperate with their customers and suppliers. ProCare called on Convident for the online appearance and product sales. We have been working together for many years in a lot of areas: from wire frames and web designs to build the websites and webshops. Our contact with ProCare’s marketing and communication department is pleasant with short communication lines. You can find all their products in the webshop, which has also been strongly connected with the website presentation. As soon as ProCare’s customers enter the webshop, they should immediately get the right feeling and have quick access to the order lists.

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