Restaurant de Betere Tijden

Casual atmosphere & great food

Brothers Sjoerd and Koen Mulder took over De Betere Tijden in 2017. They started small; Sjoerd as host, Koen as a chef. After the takeover, the kitchen slowly shifted from Grand Café to a restaurant. The casual atmosphere has remained, and the kitchen has become more challenging. From amuse-bouche, bread, several courses, and an appropriate playlist to something tasty with coffee and peppermint. Meanwhile, the team of the Better Times has grown, but they have always remained small and cozy. De Betere Tijden guarantees the ultimate taste experience. Convident was given the task of presenting this culinary masterpiece online.

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“A view into the open kitchen or a personal chef at the table. We share a passion for good food and drinks”

Restaurant de betere Tijden

Online surprise menu

Koen and Sjoerd had both had the dream of running a restaurant together for years. The picture had to be perfect: a nice restaurant, in a good location, with a large group of regulars and with a concept that could still be improved’, says Sjoerd. The interior of the restaurant – cosy, homely and with a large bar – has always remained the same. The dishes are mainly based on modern French-Dutch cuisine, but in fact all corners of the world are represented. There is a menu, but chef Koen prefers to surprise guests with the surprise menu. The guests have the choice of 3, 4 or 5 courses, and yes what comes on the table is a surprise.

It is precisely this element that makes it stand out from many other restaurants. And that is why they came to Convident for the perfect online presentation. Because e quality of the food is the most important thing for the two brothers, but a good second is the personal approach and online presentation. For this, we opted for clear concepting, wireframes and web designs that fit in with the Better Times’ house style. They also just call everyone by name. In the restaurant itself, but we also do that in terms of content on the website. De Betere Tijden is now the highest rated restaurant in the city of Groningen on Tripadvisor and Convident is proud to be able to contribute to that. The downside is that they have to sell ‘no’ more and more often, which is a wonderful luxury as far as we are concerned.

Time for a larger accommodation? Who knows, but everything in its time. Of course, we owe our success to a certain extent to the intimate and homely atmosphere of this building…’.

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