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RevaMed is an importer of high-quality aids. With these aids, they get clients moving so they can do the things they want to do. But what if a standard aid turns out to be insufficient? RevaMed is a customization partner, similar to how Convident is a custom digitization partner. That makes this collaboration very powerful!

Digital developments go extremely fast. A certain technology which is totally accepted today can be outdated tomorrow. RevaMed knows this and asked Convident to design and develop their new website. How did we do that? Simple. Convident restyled the online activities.

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“We like to be clear with our clients, Convident has created a clear digital product.”


Advice and technical support

RevaMed offers exclusive aids from internationally renowned brands. They are not affiliated with specific dealers or one manufacturer for that. By adding their knowledge and support, they find the best solution. And as always, they give it their all. Based on their new vision for the future, Convident contributed ideas and was given an advisory role in setting up the organizational processes. The website is an important part of this.

Convident translated the house style to the new designs. We converted wire frames and web designs from Figma to a working prototype in WordPress CMS. With all activities, the total online presentation is a coherent whole for RevaMed’s target audiences. It’s a well-structured website, especially considering the offers for all the different target audiences. At RevaMed, the communication employees and others who are involved love the collaboration. Both parties are proud of the end result!

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