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Debt problems are something you will hopefully never have to deal with. Yet it is more in the news than ever before. It is a social problem. Many organizations are active, mainly from the government. Convident has been challenged, in collaboration with an advertising agency, to implement this for From wireframes, website realization to online marketing. For this we have developed a custom template in WordPress CMS. A collaboration that both parties are happy to build on!


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Convident has fully optimized the new website, from responsive and adaptive wireframes to search engine optimization. An informative website with a lot of video support. The platform directly targets people with debts. Recognizable situations are displayed in an accessible way with clear language, and supported by video. For example: “Just no money to pay the rent. What should I do? ” “No money to pay for groceries. What should I do? ” With these questions we want to break the taboo and lower the threshold to seek help. After all, it can happen to anyone.

Especially targeted actions to create the ideal online ease of use. For example, we have made the CTA’s (call to actions) striking and clear. These are central and ensure that the visitor does not have to search for a long time, or will give up and quit. Short communication lines have enabled us to create a suitable site for And of course we will continue to develop and promote the online marketing campaigns!

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Eems Dollard Regio (EDR)
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Weldon Corlido Material Handling


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