Stichting het Gehandicapte Kind – Samen naar school

Launching New “Together to school” Classes

Each year, the Convident foundation selects charitable projects submitted by our people. This year we opted for “Het Gehandicapte Kind” Together to School Foundation. The goal of the foundation “Het Gehandicapte Kind”: A society in which every child has friends and no handicapped child has to feel alone. In the Netherlands, more than 10,000 children with disabilities never go to school. And we want to change that!

Since 1950, the foundation “Het Gehandicapte Kind” has been committed to ensuring that children with disabilities can participate fully in society and have the same opportunities for development. All 40 existing Together to School classes have been made possible in part by the financial support, knowledge, and existing network of the foundation “Het Gehandicapte Kind”. We are proud to announce that team Convident will help them with that! Convident wants to contribute together with our customers, partners, and relations and that is why we appeal to your support!


Donate directly  Foundation donation

Joke Visser: “We want to start up new Together to School classes without government subsidy. We are very happy with and grateful for the offer and support of team Convident”

What does Convident do?

  • At the beginning of 2022, we will donate part of the profit from Convident 2021 to the foundation “het Gehandicapte Kind” – Together to school.
  • In 2021 Convident will voluntarily make itself available as a digital partner of the foundation “Het Gehandicapte Kind” – Together to school.
  • Convident relations can start an action themselves and donate the result via In the description of the action, the link to (Expertise Center) Together to School can then be clearly made, so that they can ensure that the amount raised also specifically benefits this project.
  • We call on our customers, partners and relations to donate with us or to make a direct donation to the foundation: NL76 RABO 0334 4334 44 ovv (Expertisecentrum) Samen naar School.

Your contribution?

But we can’t do it alone! We call on companies and entrepreneurs to make a difference with us and to donate. This can be done directly or through our foundation. Every contribution is extremely valuable! Would you like to make a donation to the Disabled Child Foundation – Together to School? Then donate via Convident IBAN account number NL74INGB0006743777 in the name of Samen naar School or donate directly to the Foundation.

Donate directly

“The foundation “Het Gehandicapte Kind” believes that children with and without disabilities should be able to go to school together as much as possible”

Samen naar school

Increasing reach

At “Het Gehandicapte Kind”, participation is central: “Nothing about us, without us!” All their actions are based on the knowledge and experiences of the children and young people themselves. They are in continuous dialogue with Children’s Ambassadors, Children’s Council and Children’s Panel. And they hear the stories of children and parents they meet on ongoing projects. This way they hear what is going on and what the children need. The Children’s Ambassadors form the connection with society. The Children’s Council contributes ideas to policy and has contributed, among other things, to the Policy Framework 2021-2025. And the Children’s Panel is involved in research into developments in society that affect children with disabilities. All these children indicate that they want to go to school in their own neighbourhood, together with their brothers, sisters and peers. That is what we are achieving with the ‘Together to School classroom’ project from our Learning Together programme.

Would you like more information about the foundation of “Het Gehandicapte Kind” or Together to School ?

Foundation het Gehandicapte Kind   Together to School

Join us, together for the “Het Gehandicapte Kind” – Together to School!

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