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Weldon Corlido Material Handling imports and produces internal transport equipment. The range consists of pallet trucks, scissor pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks lifting tables and stackers that are available in various designs and specifications. After a previously successful project for Corlido Group (umbrella holding company), Convident was commissioned to design and build a webshop for Weldon. For this we have opted for a custom template in WordPress CMS with woocommerce. Among other things, it presents all the different categories and types of products.

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What started with simple speed optimizations for the existing Weldon webshops, has evolved into the realization of a completely new webshop environment. The products are characterized by high quality and attractive prices. Thanks to years of experience, they have acquired a large amount of professional knowledge. In addition to an extensive design process (wireframes and web designs), Convident has also specifically focused on conversion orientation, the speed of ordering and applying permanent optimizations. A good example of this is the extensive dropdown menu display. For optimal loading speeds, we have opted for a custom hosting package with its own server environment. 

Both parties are proud of the results achieved and are looking forward to the continuation of the collaboration! 

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