Rich snippets: What are they and what can you do with them?

When improving your organic findability (SEO), domain authority (link building) and a lot of unique content are often thought of. The technique of the website is sometimes forgotten, but it is certainly not unimportant for your online findability. In this article, we explain what rich snippets are and how they help your website with visibility in search results.

What are rich snippets?

Rich snippets are search results with featured parts of the page in question. You can generate these snippets by using structured data. Structured data makes it clear to search engines such as Google what a piece of content is about.


What types of rich snippets are there?

There are different types that can be displayed, for example:

  • Product

Do you have a webshop? With structured data, you can ensure that Google immediately shows product information in the search results. Think of price, stock, delivery time, and reviews.


  • Website name and breadcrumb overview

Want a structured overview in Google search results? With structured data, you can mark both your website name and your breadcrumb navigation. In this way, you get the search result at the top of the homepage, with the most relevant/interesting site links from the breadcrumb navigation below.


  • Reviews / Customer Ratings

You radiate confidence with the review – rich snippets. By using them, your search result will be starred based on reviews. Besides that this radiates confidence, it also immediately catches the eye compared to results without this review rich snippet. This will increase your CTR and eventually end up higher in the search results

Benefits of using rich snippets

By using rich snippets for your own website you can distinguish yourself from other search results which do not use them. Search results with rich snippets have the ability to increase their CTR by 30%, which in turn benefits your rankings in Google. Because your CTR increases, it signals to Google that your result is the most relevant and will therefore increase in the results. Do you also want to experience the benefits of rich snippets? We will discuss with you the opportunities.



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