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Relationship between suppliers and customers

In short, SaaS creates new opportunities and a different relationship between your suppliers and customers, from which both benefit. At Convident, we are continuously developing various aspects of our proprietary SaaS model to ensure we provide our customers with the desired service and experience. Of course, we take our experiences with our own SaaS solutions into account in the development of a SaaS product for your organization.

Are you looking for new software and a licensed system for your customers? The developers at Convident will make it happen. As a SaaS company you take full responsibility for the technical details of the software, it is not necessary to deploy extensive technical knowledge or resources to use the software. In addition, the SaaS solutions that we build are up to date and easy to use. SaaS software relies on licenses from your satisfied customers, so we do our very best to keep you happy.

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De Vries XL
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Weldon Corlido Material Handling
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