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Grip, measurability, and control – those are our keywords for a successful SEA strategy. The SEA process starts at Convident with extensive keyword research. Our sea marketers look for the keywords that your target group(s) are searching for. The findings from the keyword research are used to make your ad campaigns a success.


Advantages of SEA marketing at Convident

  • Immediate results
  • Clear reporting
  • Targeted advertising
  • High return

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Our SEA service

Google offers various advertising options to advertise in the search engine. The most well-known and most visible forms of advertising within the search engine are text ads and Shopping ads. Other options include Display, Discovery, and Video Ads. Together with you, we determine which options are most suitable. Based on this, we will determine a strategy that will ensure that we run a successful campaign for you.
SEA marketing is still a very important part of online marketing. While commercials on television have increasingly come to be seen as annoying or intrusive, SEA ads retain their value. You can find all our possibilities in the field of SEA marketing here.

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