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Rank high in the search engine for the best possible keywords for your company. The SEA specialists at Convident are here to help you! We start each project by fully measuring your website, which enables us to achieve demonstrable results and the highest possible ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend).


Direct top rankings in the major search engines for the keywords you have in mind. The SEA specialist first conducts a grounding study. What are your company’s distinguishing features and what goals do we want to achieve? After the kick-off meeting, the objective is translated into an online strategy. We measure the website so that we can achieve demonstrable results. You and the SEA specialist have regular contact to evaluate and optimize the campaigns.

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What is a SEA specialist?

A SEA specialist stands for Search Engine Advertising specialist. You have probably heard of the abbreviation SEA before. SEA specialist is a broad term in the online marketing world and they are involved in a variety of activities. In short, an SEA specialist makes services or products as findable as possible in the form of an advertisement within various search engines.

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What work will be done?

When a new project starts, a SEA specialist always begins by formulating an objective and making an analysis. Various issues are addressed, such as the appearance of the website, the online search behavior of the target audience, the preparation of a keyword research and a competition study. Of course, we also look at which possibilities within SEA should be used to be successful. There are different possibilities within SEA to show ads to the desired target group. Then different tools are used and set up that are necessary to measure the website. Tools used for this are Google Tag Manager and Analytics. This is done to understand to what extent the various campaigns are successful and which campaigns should be adjusted or taken offline.

A SEA specialist is mainly concerned with advertising in the search engines. The ads may appear at the top of the results page (SERP) in Google, in Shopping, on YouTube, Google Discovery and in the Display Network.

Once the campaigns are running, they can be optimized or expanded. The Ads Specialist is busy optimizing the various campaigns on a monthly basis. Budgets are monitored and campaigns are adjusted where necessary. Every month, the results of the campaigns are shared and there will be an evaluation moment. Campaigns are directed based on the different seasons, holidays or product promotions.

The first step, the kick-off

Every new project begins with a kick-off. Here the SEA specialist discusses with the customer what the objective is and where the focus should be. Who are the competitors, which products/services are most important, what are the unique selling points etc. Based on the kick-off, a plan of action can be put together and work can begin.

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The second step, the keyword research

The next step in the process is a comprehensive keyword research. Our team members look for the search terms that are relevant. The findings from the keyword research are used to set up result-oriented advertising campaigns. This way, our SEA specialists ensure that the ads are shown to potential customers who are looking for your service or product. But how will ad campaigns be shown in the search engines? Below is an overview of the different components that are among the possibilities.

The third step, choosing channels

A SEA specialist has several options in launching your ad campaigns. In fact, there are a number of different search engines to choose from. The most well-known are Google, Bing and Yahoo. In the Netherlands, 95% of all internet users use the search engine giant. At Convident we usually talk about advertising in Google, unless stated otherwise. Within this search engine, there are several options for advertising. The best known and most visible forms are text ads and Shopping ads. Other forms include display, discovery and video ads. First, we will discuss the search platform’s advertising service, namely Google Ads. Then, we will elaborate on the advertising options just mentioned.

Deploying Google Ads

Ads is an advertising program developed by Google. This program uses the Google Network to display ads to Internet users. Within Ads, it is possible to manage ongoing ad campaigns. As mentioned above, SEA specialists within Google Ads have several ad forms at their disposal. Then it is now time to talk about the different ad forms offered by the search giant.

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Deploying text ads

Text ads are the most widely used form of advertising within the Google Network. Text ads are shown to users at the top of the results page. By setting up keywords, you can control which search queries should show ads. But there’s a catch. Not all ads developed by business owners or SEA specialists are shown in the paid search results. This is because Google Ads uses the auction model to determine whether or not an ad will be shown.

A SEA specialist can specify the maximum amount he or she wants to spend on one click on his ad. This is because with text ads, the business owner should only pay when the ad is clicked on. This so-called cost per click is also called Cost per Click (CPC). In consultation with the entrepreneur, our SEA specialist determines an appropriate set daily budget.

Let’s go back to the principles of the auction model within Google Ads. Convident’s SEA specialists know exactly what works within the auction model, but it’s good to realize what this model rests on. The auction model relies on two factors: the quality score and the competition level of the ad in question. The competition level indicates how many advertisers are willing to show an ad for a target audience or on a particular search query. When the competition level is high, the CPC increases. The other factor from the auction model is the quality score of the ad.

The quality score of an ad is determined based on the following three factors:

Factor one: Relevance of the ad in relation to the relevant keyword.

Here Google looks at whether the relevant keyword or keyword group matches the content in your ad. If it does, it means that the search term being searched for is sufficiently present in the ad, and therefore relevant. The quality score will go down if, for example, the keyword is not included in the ad title.

Factor two: Relevance of underlying web page.

In addition, Google analyzes how relevant the underlying web page of the ad is in relation to the relevant keyword. When users click on an ad and are redirected to a Web page on a website or online store, they want to find the answer or content they were looking for. This ensures that the underlying web page is relevant to the relevant keyword. If you link a web page to an ad that does not address the relevant search term, the quality score will be lower.

Factor three: The expected click-through rate (CTR)

Finally, the expected click-through rate also affects the quality score. The click-through rate reflects the click behavior of Internet users and determines the expected number of clicks per day on an ad. Google Ads calculates the value of the CTR in advance and thus determines whether it has a positive or negative impact on the quality score. For example, a high CTR indicates a lot of clicks to Google when it is shown in the paid search results. The expected CTR is determined based on your ad text. Important points in this are: mentioning the keyword and that the ad is attractive enough to click.

The quality score that Google Ads assigns to an ad is a number between 1 and 10. The quality score and the competition level are both used for the search engine’s auction model. The SEA specialists at Convident ensure a positive quality score. In addition, the ads are set up to properly match what the potential customer is looking for. The right keywords are set, ad text matches and care is taken to ensure that the landing page matches the keyword.

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What is Google Shopping?

Shopping is an online sales service from Google, launched in 2002 under the (old) name Froogle. The service allows products to be displayed to Internet users when they search for keywords relevant to the products in question. Google Shopping is displayed at the top of the search results page (SERP) and provides Internet users with an overview of the most relevant products for their search. Within Shopping, there are two ways to display products. Namely, this can be done organically or by using paid advertising campaigns.

An SEA specialist at Convident starts the Google Shopping activities by uploading store and product information (product feed). Uploading a feed can be done manually through the Google Merchant Center or automatically through the Product feed Pro plug-in for WooCommerce. If the feed is in the shopping network, users can see your products without having to pay for them. Would you like to be shown more often in Google Shopping? Then ads can be created. To do that, a link needs to be made between the Merchant Center Account and Google Ads. Then the campaigns can be created.

Would you like to start advertising on the search platform?

What is display advertising?

Display advertising is a form of advertising using banners. Banner ads are graphical ads and are shown in the Google Display Network (GDN). Examples of websites on which banner ads can be displayed are, YouTube or These types of websites count huge amounts of visitors daily. So the potential reach of display advertising can be very large. Because setting up a display advertising campaign costs money, a SEA specialist should have a clear plan of action drawn up in advance. This includes a proper weighing of the costs and benefits of any display advertising campaign.

Display advertising thus involves the use of banner ads, but what exactly are banner ads? A banner ad differs from a standard ad in terms of text, images, flash, video and audio. Because banners are generally more targeted to a particular audience(s), they deliver multiple clicks. Moreover, an SEA specialist can ensure that the display advertising campaign portrays a positive image of the company. This can provide a positive boost in terms of brand awareness. SEA specialists use Google Ads to set up display advertising campaigns.

What are discovery ads?

Since 2020, Google has rolled out a new form of advertising within Ads. Discovery ads are a form of advertising where a large number of Internet users can be targeted.  These discovery ads can be found in various places on the Internet:

  • Google Discover Feed
  • Homepage Youtube and Watch Later Feed
  • In Gmail under promotions and social

But what is the difference between discovery ads and standard ads? With discovery ads, you can choose to show a single image or a carousel. You may know a carousel from Facebook ads where you can swipe past a number of images. The targeting options for discovery ads are similar to display advertising.

What are video ads?

The name actually indicates what video advertising is. Video ads are ads where a video is shown. These video ads can be shown on websites such as YouTube and on other video partner sites. Within video ads there are different layouts possible that allow you to create very unique and cool ads.

The following ad layouts are possible:

  • InStream ads that can be skipped
  • InStream ads that cannot be skipped
  • Video discovery ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Outstream ads
  • Masthead ads

In consultation with the business owner, the SEA specialist chooses which ad format will be used to advertise.

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is also known as retargeting. Remarketing ads are ads that target previous visitors. These visitors have already shown interest, however, on a previous visit, they have not yet converted. Don’t worry, in many cases website visitors do not convert right away. Through remarketing, your product or service can be brought to their attention again. Did you know that remarketing increases the chance of conversion by as much as 70%? A good idea to use this.

With remarketing, a remarketing tag is placed on every page. A remarketing tag is a piece of code snippet (remarketing pixel) placed in the backend. Using the script, previous visitors to the website are saved anonymously and added to a remarketing list. Using this list, targeted ads can be created to get visitors back to your website once again.

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"A SEA specialist develops a profitable SEA campaign."

What does a SEA specialist cost?

The cost of a SEA specialist depends very much on the SEA activities that need to be carried out. How many campaigns need to be created and how much budget may be spent. The more campaigns, the more data will be collected. Based on the data, the campaigns are optimized. Based on the keyword research, which is carried out at the beginning of the process, an estimate can be made of the number of hours needed to set up the account. An estimate of the number of hours needed to monitor and optimize the campaigns on a monthly basis is then also made.

What are the benefits of an SEA specialist?

Applying a SEA marketing campaign by a SEA specialist brings several benefits. Below, we’ve compiled a list for you.

1. Instant results

A SEA specialist ensures that your SEA marketing campaign offers immediate results. A SEA specialist develops the ad and sets the daily budget. With the knowledge and experience, a SEA specialist will ensure an appropriate bid and the right search terms. The ad campaign can be put live and will bring immediate website visitors. The immediate result does require the ad campaign to remain live.

2. A lot of knowledge

A SEA specialist has a lot of knowledge to achieve the best possible results for you. The world of SEA is constantly changing; Convident’s specialists are always up to date with the latest developments and know how to apply them to the ads. Allowing them to achieve results for you.

3. Targeted advertising

A SEA specialist can advertise very specifically within Google Ads. Due to the different advertising possibilities, there is always a suitable option. The SEA specialist takes into account the target group(s) and relevant keywords. In addition, the advertiser can create target groups and thus appeal to the right people.

4. Thorough strategy

Another advantage is that we can put together a solid strategy that will achieve results for you. Because of the many options available, it is difficult to shape this yourself. Our specialists know, through their experience, how to advertise successfully for you.

Why is a SEA specialist important?

SEA marketing is an important part of an online strategy. However, it is important that SEA marketing is applied correctly. Crucial to this is a SEA specialist. A SEA specialist is important because he can set up relevant and result-oriented advertising campaigns. A SEA specialist actively searches for relevant keywords, analyzes which internet users have a need for your product or service and determines which forms of advertising should be used for you. Internet users have more and more opportunities to gather the information they need to make a conversion. If you are not there, they will not find you. Developing an effective ad in the paid search results can be difficult, and this is where a SEA specialist can help.

"A SEA specialist from Convident delivers relevant and targeted ads"

Outsource SEA marketing to Convident

Setting up, executing and analyzing ad campaigns is a time-consuming and complicated process. When we take care of SEA marketing for you, you can focus on your products, services, customers and partners. Our SEA specialists set up ad campaign(s) and manage them on a monthly basis. We help you increase your online results. We do this through the following applications, among others:

1. Grip on the results

Having one of our team manage advertising campaigns gives you more control over the results. We can perfectly help you grow your business (online) responsibly and get the maximum result from your budget. Here, our SEA specialists also take on an advisory role.

2. Control

A SEA specialist ensures that you are always in control of your expenditures and ads placed. Our SEA specialists are certified to advertise within search engines. Moreover, they can always give you an informed choice.

3. Measurability

Finally, our SEA specialists prepare monthly reports on the SEA marketing campaigns that have been carried out. The monthly overviews answer questions such as where your visitors come from, what their age is or which channels they use. In this way, we ensure that advertising campaigns are measured and adjusted where necessary.


Could your website or webshop use more traffic and/or conversions? Contact us to develop a targeted advertising campaign. Would you just like to spar with a SEA specialist from Convident? Come by our office to discuss the possibilities of SEA marketing.

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