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Appearing high in the organic results of various search engines, that’s what SEO marketing is all about. A higher position in the search engines means more calls, quote requests or sales without the need for an advertising budget!


The SEO consultants at Convident have years of experience in optimizing existing websites and webshops and in setting up new SEO projects. We think along, make a concrete plan, work together and keep you up to date on the results.

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What is SEO Marketing?

The abbreviation SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When applying SEO marketing you ensure that your website is optimized for search engines and of course your visitors. We apply SEO to score high in the most important search engines under important keywords. By optimizing your website, not only will the traffic increase, but the traffic will also be of a higher quality. SEO marketing is usually applied to the three pillars of SEO, which stand for Technique, Content and Authority, but more about this later.

SEO marketing or search engine optimization means that a website or webshop is being optimized. As the owner of an online platform, you optimize your website to rank higher in the organic search results of search engines. There are a number of different search engines that are used in general.


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Think of Google, Bing, Ask, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Lycos or Startpage. The most famous search engine giant is of course Google. Over 1 billion internet users worldwide make use of this engine when surfing the internet.

Google’s algorithm contains hundreds of different ranking factors, each of which has its own weighting factor. No one knows exactly how the algorithm works, even the employees at Google do not exactly know how the algorithm was developed. However, we hold a lot of knowledge and we know how to optimally use various parts of SEO marketing.


“After extensive keyword research, we were competitive within a few weeks”

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What does SEO marketing involve?

As mentioned above, SEO marketing consists of a number of different components. To rise in search engines, there are several parts that need to be addressed. These different parts are divided into the three pillars of SEO marketing:


Below we will go through the three different parts of SEO marketing in detail. For example, the definition, its implementation and the ultimate possibilities are examined. In addition, there are a number of other concepts within SEO marketing. By reading this article, we hope to help you understand and master these following aspects:

  • E-commerce SEO
  • SEO advice
  • SEO Migration
  • International SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Voice Search
  • SEO audit

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What is technical SEO?

When applying technical SEO, it is ensured that the user experience on the website is as pleasant and optimal as possible. The base of every SEO process is that if the technology is inadequate, the user experience of a visitor will be as well. This ensures a short session duration and this will have a negative impact on the organic results within the search engine. Think of the restoration of an old-timer, you ensure that it is in optimal technical condition before you start restoring the appearance of the car, right?

You always want to ensure that a website is in the best possible technical condition. Think of a fast host, a logical website structure and the prevention of error messages.

At Convident, every SEO project starts with a technical audit. During this audit, a website is fully monitored and checked for error messages. If the website is managed by us, we can immediately correct these errors. If this is not the case, we will send a report to the administrator of the website to have errors and technical warnings resolved. Technical errors can occur at different times, often due to human mistakes. That is why we ensure that we continue to monitor the environment for error messages at all times. When error messages are received, they are given a high priority as this can have major consequences for the organic findability of the website. John Mueller – Webmaster Trend Analyst at Google has stated that the Core Web Vitals are an important ranking factor within the algorithm of the search engine giant. Core Web Vitals focus on LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), FID (First Input Delay) and CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift). These elements all affect the user experience on a website.

Read more about technical optimisation

Through technical SEO, various technical factors can be optimized. This includes the optimisation of:

  • The safety
  • The loading speed
  • The crawl budget
  • Indexing problems
  • The use of headings and subheadings
  • The website’s structure
  • Resolving 404 error messages

Where necessary, the Convident web development department can support the implementation of these optimisations. However, if you already have a web developer or if you are developing the website yourself, we will send you an advisory report containing concrete advice that can be implemented. Once the base is good, we can continue with the next steps of the optimization process.

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What is content?

The second pillar within the SEO pillars is content. Content or the information in the form of text, images, video or speech that can be found on a webshop or website. Content is an extremely important aspect of SEO marketing. Without content, the domain cannot be found in a search engine. This information also has to comply with a number of rules so that the search engines can easily read it.

It is important that content is kept up to date and optimized where necessary. Optimizing content can include the continuous improvement of the on-page content that can be found within a website. By collecting data, new information can be added to a page or completely new pages can be added. However, content optimisations can also be implemented to achieve more conversions or a higher CTR.

Good SEO content will result in web visitors staying longer on the page. Visitors who immediately end up on the correct page via the right search term will stay longer on the page.

Google sees that the user stays longer on the site or shop and therefore values the pages. If internet users value information, Google will too. A high Google rating will lead to a higher ranking in the organic search results.

How does content optimization work?

When thinking of content, people often think of written texts, but it is much more than just this. Content consists of texts, images, sound and videos. Due to technological progress, the possibilities within creating interesting information have become enormous. Today, for instance, it is possible to develop interactive images, there are special sliders that determine costs of subscriptions and mortgages or there are charts where users can apply their own filters. By adding the right content, the aim is to make it as easy and user-friendly as possible for the visitor. Therefore, we always ensure that we write or adapt content to a website visitor’s search intent. We ensure that pages match the search queries of the desired target group(s) so that they find the desired information on the page in question. When the content is written for the visitor and optimized for the search engine, the keywords will rank in the search engines.

Search engines like Google need to find new information on a website first, this is called Crawling. Every search engine has web crawlers that constantly visit websites to find out if new information has been added to a page. Once a page is crawled, it is indexed, giving it a position in the search engine. In doing so, search engines use ‘Natural Language Processing’. Natural Language Processing (NLP) deals with the interactions between computers and human language. Google uses NLP to be able to analyze and process large amounts of content. This allows Google to know what the content on the web environment is about and to which users the content should be shown.

Increase authority

“High website authority contributes to online findability”

What is link building?

The last part we will discuss about SEO marketing is link building. Link building is a very important part of optimizing different SEO pages. It involves actively searching for relevant websites that can be referred to your own domain. By using this last pillar link building (or gaining authority), your positions will organically increase in the search engine. Actually, link building should be viewed very simply, the more votes your website receives in the form of backlinks, the higher it will appear in the search engine. However, these links should be of high quality, they should be in the same niche or subject area. There is a lot involved in actively obtaining new backlinks. For this reason, we have included link building under our services page.

Relevant and high-quality links

With link building, our online marketers will place links to your pages on other external platforms. These links should be relevant and qualitative. A relevant link means that it is placed on an external website that your target audience(s) interact with. The same goes for the backlink. This is relevant when, for example, the external site operates in the same field of activity or also places content related to its products or services. A quality backlink means that it is placed on an external web page with authority. Authority means that Google values the site or shop. Our SEO specialists analyze the authority of the external option before placing a link on it. They also look at:

  • Domain authority
  • Spam score
  • Relevance to your business
  • Trust Flow and Citation Flow
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When starting with link building, it is important to refer as many high-quality backlinks to your own domain as possible. In short, this ensures that your website will rank higher and faster in relation to the competition. It is important to alternate regular links with (blog) articles to achieve the best possible results. Convident’s experts will work out an analysis so that systematic work can be done to strengthen the backlink profile.

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What types of links we look for

There are different types of links we look for:

Link on homepage

Google can see what kind of place/page your backlink is placed on. A backlink on the homepage of an external website will add a lot of value. After all, a homepage is the first page that website visitors see and therefore the most important. However, in practice, it is rare that you can place a backlink on the homepage of an external website.

Link in the form of a blog

At Convident, we regularly choose to link to an external website in the form of a blog. An external website that discusses certain topics can be very relevant for posting a blog. After all, you can go much deeper into certain topics in a blog. Visitors to this external website can then read your blog, become interested and click through to your website or webshop. So you generate website visitors by means of a blog in link building. Moreover, a blog can contain several backlinks to your website/webshop.

Link on a partner page

Many websites and webshops nowadays contain so-called partner pages. These partner pages are used by entrepreneurs especially for link building. This is because entrepreneurs know that this service is important, but don’t want the backlinks from other websites clearly on their website/webshop. So the partner page will usually be a bit hidden. Partner pages simply consist of a list of hyperlinks that will redirect the user to the linked website or webshop. Backlinks you have placed on partner pages of external websites will have a lower value. But in a large quantity, it will definitely add to the strength of the link profile.

Why is SEO marketing important?

The search engines, such as Google, have various ways of directing internet users to your website or webshop. One way Google does this is through the organic search results and the paid search results. The paid search results are shown to users at the top of the results page (SERP). Next come the organic search results. If you want to be shown in the paid search results with your website/webshop, you need to set up a paid advertising campaign in Google. Search engine advertising (SEA) is only a short-term solution for creating traffic if it is not applied correctly.

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Outsource SEO marketing to Convident

As you have read, SEO marketing contains many different components. Which part do you start with, what is most important and which part gives the most return for your business? These are all very important and relevant questions, but difficult to know the answer to. With SEO marketing, the fact is that a broad approach is the best approach to get your website or web shop to rise as high as possible. It can therefore be more efficient to outsource these activities. Fortunately, Convident’s online marketers have the knowledge and expertise to develop a solid strategy for your company. First, we will look at the parts that are already going very well, and then identify areas for improvement.

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