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You want to get more conversions from your website or webshop with SEO optimization. But where do you start and are you doing the right thing? The ultimate goal is to raise search engine positions and achieve sustainable results.


At Convident, a team of specialists work together with clients on small and larger online platforms. We love collaboration, personal contact and giving advice. This is to achieve sustainable growth.

  • Experienced SEO specialists;
  • Sustainable growth;
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What is SEO optimization?

SEO optimization can be described as an entrepreneur optimizing his online environment. The aim of optimisation is to get high positions in the organic search results of search engines. There are a number of larger search engines that people use to browse the internet.

Around 95% of internet users use the search engine giant Google. So when we talk about SEO optimization, we usually mean optimizing the web environment for Google. Google’s algorithm determines which position a page gets in the search results. It is a secret how this algorithm is constructed, nobody knows exactly. The algorithm contains hundreds of different factors that all have their own weighting factor. However, due to our extensive experience in working with many search engines, we now know very well which requirements you have to meet.

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"Rise in organic search results with SEO optimisation"

What does SEO optimization consist of?

SEO optimization consists of many different components. In fact, there are a variety of ways to make a site rise in organic search results. These different components are divided into the three pillars of SEO optimization:

  • Technical optimization (SEO)
  • Content optimization
  • Link Building


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Below, we will go through the three main components of service provision in detail. We will look at the definition, how it works, and what different options are available. In addition, there are some specific SEO components that can be very interesting for your online business. We are happy to help you understand and master:

  • E-commerce SEO
  • SEO advice
  • SEO migration
  • International SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Voice search
  • SEO audit

Step one: Technical optimization

Technical SEO or technical optimization focuses on improving the technical aspects of your website or webshop. The technique of the used platform is very important for the effectiveness of marketing services. Search engines require a certain structure in the website to ‘read’ it properly. Thus, you must make perfect use of headings and subheadings; but the speed, structure and use of images are also important. By properly deploying the desired structure, the search engine will be able to properly interpret the website’s content. This leads to better indexation and therefore higher rankings.

This service is carried out by our online marketing specialists in combination with Convident’s web development department. Where necessary, this department can assist in carrying out the required optimizations. Convident’s web development department specializes in the WordPress CMS system. Whether the web environment should be built in a different technique or maybe an external developer is already in place; all this we will describe the required adjustment in an advisory report.

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Stap 2: Content optimalisatie

We hebben het zojuist al even kort gehad over content. Maar content gaat een stuk verder dan gewoon een geschreven stukje tekst. Content optimalisatie of on-page SEO houdt zich bezig met het optimaliseren van de teksten, afbeeldingen, tools en downloads. Een shop of site verschillen wel wat van elkaar op het gebied van content optimalisatie. Een website bevat namelijk al een groot aantal pagina’s. Maar een webshop daarentegen bevat meestal wel honderden verschillende productpagina, categorieën, informatieve pagina en veelgestelde vragen. Content optimalisatie kan dus zeker voelen als een enorme klus, maar met een duidelijk vooraf opgesteld plan van aanpak kan het zeer rendabel zijn voor veel bedrijven. Geoptimaliseerde content zal resulteren in websitebezoekers die langer op de verschillende pagina’s blijven. Dit komt met name omdat de gebruikers in de informatie het antwoord kunnen vinden op hun vraag. Google houdt deze interactie doorlopend in de gaten. Een van deze belangrijke factoren is de tijdsduur die websitebezoekers doorbrengen op verschillende pagina’s. Wanneer de zoekmachinegigant ziet dat webbezoekers lange tijd zich informeren op de site zal dit een positief effect hebben. Naast vele andere factoren is dit er één waar wij rekening mee houden.

Content is more than text

It is important to remember that content is not just textual pieces. Content can consist of written text, images, download, tools and videos. It is also possible to use modern techniques to make content more interactive. Think of an image in which parts are clickable or a calculation tool that shows how much mortgage you can apply for. Interactive graphics supporting text can also be a great way to give content more depth. When developing content, it is important to consider the target audience and appropriate keywords. For example, take language usage and reading level into account.

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Keywords in content

Besides writing the information on your website for website visitors, you should also write content that is optimized for the search engines. Search engines read this information and then decide for which users this content is relevant. Search engines do this by using ‘Natural Language Processing’. Natural Language Processing, also called computational linguistics, deals with the interactions between computers and human language. So Google uses Natural Language Processing to read and analyze the content on the page. Through this, Google knows what the content on the website in question is about. This is important because the search engine can link the content to search queries and show pages to internet users when they search for it.

It is important to optimize content for specific target audience(s) and the search engines. When users value this information, Google also values it. This has a positive effect on its ranking. This gives a website or webshop more authority within the search engines. High authority is positive for any website/webshop, but there are a number of other things to consider during content optimization:

  • Optimization of the HTML headings in your content (H1, H2 and H3)
  • Unique and relevant written content (watch out for duplicate content)
  • Use of the correct keywords
  • Readability of content
  • Optimization of images

Increase your authority

“Link-building is a very important part of SEO optimisation”

Step 3: Increase authority with link building

Link building is a very important part of SEO optimization. Link building is all about placing links to a particular page. Often, link building is seen as a somewhat vague concept and people don’t know the exact returns. This is a real shame, because link building can give several organic search engine positions a positive boost. Through link building, you ensure that the page ranks higher in the organic search engine results. The question remains; how exactly does link building work and which pages should be strengthened through backlinks. Link building therefore focuses on placing good links to your website or webshop content. But what are good links?

When placing links on external websites, the links should be relevant and qualitative to create value for you. A relevant link means that a link is placed on an external website that is related to the target group(s) or business. Through the page on which the link is placed, a visitor can find information. A qualitative link is a link on an external website with high authority. A site achieves authority by sharing information and the referrals it has. Our online marketers always analyze the authority of external websites before referring them to a relevant website. In addition, various programmes and tools are used to measure values of external websites. Examples include domain authority, spam score and relevance.

Relevant and qualitative external websites make placed links more valuable and thus contribute to ranking in Google. But where are these relevant and quality links placed on external websites? You would expect that it would be good to place a whole load of (back)links on external websites at once. After all, the more links the better right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. In fact, the best backlinks are links that look like you obtained them organically. So it is important to find the balance in link building between the quantity and quality of backlinks placed. Our experts have extensive experience in setting up a completely new backlink profile, optimizing or expanding an existing one.

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1. Link on the homepage

Preferably, Convident always places external listings on the homepage of an (external) website; this is often the most authoritative page. The value of a backlink is determined by where it is placed. A backlink on a homepage has a lot of value in most cases, because Google sees this page as the most powerful. However, it is rare in practice that a backlink can be placed on the homepage of an external website.

2. Link in the form of a blog

At Convident, we prefer to place a link on an external website in the form of a blog. When you find a website that discusses topics through blogs, you can check whether these topics are relevant. If this is the case, a blog allows you to delve deep into the topics your target audience(s) are interested in. Visitors to the external website can read blogs, get interested and click through to your website/webshop. In addition, link building in the form of a blog is useful because multiple backlinks can be placed in one blog.

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3. Link on a partner page

We see a lot of link placement on partner pages these days. A partner page is actually an underlying page on a website or webshop that is used for link building. Because business owners know that link building is important for organic traffic, these partner pages are created. The partner page simply consists of a list containing all placed hyperlinks to other websites or webshops. The value of these backlinks is less than placing them on a homepage or blog. However, with larger quantities of backlinks placed on partner pages, these can certainly contribute to the strength of your link profile.

Increase your findability

With the right approach, SEO optimization can be highly profitable for almost any business.

Why is SEO optimization important?

There are several ways for internet users to end up on websites or webshops. When users enter a query in the search engines, hundreds of results come up on the results page (SERP). These results consist of organic search results and paid search results. The paid search results are displayed at the top of the results page. After a few, usually four, paid search results follow the organic search results. To show a website or webshop in the paid search results, you need to set up advertising campaigns for which you have to pay Google. One could say that SEA marketing is a short-term approach to generating website visitors. This is partly because when the ad campaign is stopped, the website or webshop is no longer shown in the search results. SEO optimization, on the other hand, is a more longer-term means of triggering traffic to your website or webshop. Because rolling out and executing a SEA marketing campaign can cost (a lot of) money, it is wise to also be busy with SEO optimization. Moreover, it is tactical not to focus only on one way of generating visitors for your website/webshop. By employing SEA marketing for the short term while working on your SEO optimization for the long term, you are building a stronger business model.

Outsource SEO optimisation to Convident

There are plenty of options within SEO optimization. The question is always where do you start with SEO optimization, what is important for your business and which part is most profitable? These are all relevant questions asked when starting an improvement project. For online success, it is important that all parts are addressed and not one gets full attention and the rest is ignored. It can therefore be more efficient and therefore more profitable to outsource search engine optimization. Convident’s online marketers have the experience to develop a comprehensive and strong SEO optimization project for you. We sit down together to discuss which components are relevant for your target group(s). Together, we will analyze which SEO optimization matters are already going very well and where there are still areas for improvement. At Convident, we also find it important that our clients understand what is happening on their website/shop and therefore know why it is important. So in the SEO optimization process, we often take an advisory role as well. This way, we ensure that you understand our work and can even perform parts of it yourself in the future.

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