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Ranking high in Google’s organic search results is a challenge for any business. After all, you want to make sure that you, and not your competitor, appear at the top of Google’s organic search results. How do you make sure you outperform the rest?

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Convident’s SEO specialists have been around for years and know exactly which steps to take for fast and sustainable results. For service providers, webshops or other organizations.

What is an SEO specialist?

An SEO specialist ensures that you score high in Google for relevant search terms and attract organic traffic to your website. With organic traffic we mean visitors who land on your page via a non-paid search result in Google. The organic search results are displayed below the ads in the Google search engine results. In order for the page to rank as high as possible here, an SEO specialist will optimize the area. This can be either for a site or shop. Search engine optimization is Dutch for search engine optimization (SEO). There are a number of larger search engines on the Internet: think Google, Bing, Ask, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Lycos or Startpage. Because 95% of the Dutch use Google, we will speak further in this article about optimization for this search engine giant. How websites and webshops are ranked in Google depends on the algorithm. The structure of this algorithm is of course secret and unknown. However, we at Convident have the knowledge and experience when it comes to SEO optimization. The algorithm contains hundreds of different factors that all have their own weighting factor again. Because of our experience, we know well which steps to take together to achieve results.

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The SEO specialists of Convident analyze, improve and share the results in a clear report.

Work of an SEO specialist

The three pillars of SEO – you may have heard of this before, but what exactly is it? To get a high ranking on your desired keywords, several factors are important. Therefore, to give a structure to all the requirements a page must meet, the three pillars of SEO have been created. The pillars outline what a page must meet. This provides a foothold for optimizing pages.

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Optimizing technical SEO

Technical SEO or technical search engine optimization focuses on the technical aspects of the platform. A Convident SEO specialist will optimize the technical side of your website. For example, did you know that page load time directly affects your ranking in Google? It is also very important that the site is built in a search engine friendly way on “the back end”.

This is because the basic code of your web environment has a major impact on your search engine findability. Without a strong technique, Google will not show this site or will show it very low in the organic search results. So as a business owner, you may have developed very relevant content, but if the technology lags behind, Internet users will not even be shown the content.

In fact, search engines are constantly assessing all websites on the Web. This is done using crawlers, which index all over the Web. In fact, a crawler scours sites all day long to get an idea of what they are about. By improving the technology behind your website, crawlers can find their way around the site more easily, which ultimately leads to better search engine rankings. Convident has a web development and support department in addition to its online marketing department. The cooperation between our departments allows us to ensure a targeted approach to your search engine optimization journey. For example, our SEO specialists from the web development department ensure that the technical side is rock solid. Convident clients are always one step ahead of the competition!

More information?

Would you like more information or are you convinced that Convident is your online marketing partner? Contact us by phone or email!

content optimization

The next step; content marketing?

Now that the website is technically SEO friendly, we get down to optimizing the content on your web environment. Content optimization or on-page SEO focuses on optimizing the information. The process is different for a shop and site. This is because a website contains a few web pages, while a shop may contain hundreds of product pages. Optimizing these pages is done differently. For a webshop, for example, it is even more important to think out the structure of the information properly. Filtering also plays an important role here. Optimized content is more interesting for the visitor, who therefore stays longer on the page. Google sees that website visitors stay longer on the pages and will value your website and rank it higher. But how does an SEO specialist optimize relevant content?

When optimizing content, an SEO specialist not only looks at written text. For example, content also consists of images, infographics, tools and videos. The perfect content provides the visitor with optimal information. All content is aimed at making it as easy and user-friendly as possible for the user. From Convident we help optimize content, give advice on content to be realized and support in developing tools.

Despite writing for the visitor, it is also important to take into account the way search engines work. Search engines read the content first and then determine for which Internet users this content is relevant. By writing relevant content in a way that the search engine can easily “read,” the search engine can better assess what your website is about. Search engines do this by using “Natural Language Processing. Natural Language Processing is the English translation of computational linguistics and deals with the interactions between computers and human language.

"The technical aspects of your website affect its ranking in Google"

The first step, a keyword analysis

As a starting point, a SEO specialist will often want to clearly identify which keywords need to be found for through a keyword analysis. This keyword research is used as input for content marketing. The analysis also looks at whether keywords relevant to you have sufficient search volume. This way you end up with an overview of relevant search terms that many people are searching for. So for these keywords we have to articulate the right answer in text, images, video and tools.

An example: For example, if you are a baker in London, chances are that a search term like “Baker in London” has high relevance for you. If you are visible on this search term, there is a plausible chance that this will lead to a conversion. A search term like “Bake your own bread” is not relevant to you and, most likely, will not convert.

Choosing which keywords are interesting is one of the important activities during the optimization process. The colleague from Convident will go through a survey and together a list of most interesting keywords is determined.

Strengthen backlink profile through link building?

Okay, the content on the website has been completely optimized by an SEO specialist for search engines. Will it get to the top of the search engine results now? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. The competitors are not standing still either and have their content marketing well in place as well. The next task is to ensure that Google judges you as the authority in the field. After all, this ensures that you rank higher in the search engine than the competition. But how do you do that? The answer to this question is link building. A rather complex process, but of enormous importance for your ranking in Google. The purpose of link building is to get backlinks from other websites.

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So in link building, our SEO specialists place backlinks on external websites to your page. These placed links should be qualitative and relevant. A relevant link is achieved by placing a link on an external website that your target audience(s) can interact with. A qualitative backlink comes from an external website with authority. We keep a close eye on the authority of the external sites. We look at the domain authority, spam score and relevance to your business. Only if we find that the website meets our quality standards will we use it to strengthen the backlink profile.

“Suppose there are two painters, one painter knows 100 people and the other painter knows only 1 person. Chances are that the painter who knows 100 people will receive many more orders than the painter who knows 1 person.” And that’s how it works (more or less) with link building, too.

However, one backlink is more valuable than another. A backlink from a website with high-quality content and high relevance is worth more than a homepage backlink. So more is not always better. The trick is to find a good balance between quantity and quality. We use three ways to place backlinks: a link on the homepage, link in the form of a blog and a link on a partner page.

"For relevant content, keyword research is crucial"

Why is an SEO specialist important?

Getting traffic to your site can be done in several ways. For example, as a business owner, you can get organic traffic or paid traffic toward your domain. Google’s paid search results are shown at the top of the search results page, followed by the organic search results. To show your platform in the paid search results, advertising campaigns must be set up. This means you have to pay Google for traffic from the paid search results. Moreover, the influx of traffic stops when you, as a business owner, decide to stop investing in the ad campaigns. In contrast, the work of an SEO specialist is a long-term means of triggering traffic. This makes it a sustainable investment rather than a variable cost of sales.

How do you maintain high positions?

It is often said that staying at the top is more difficult than getting to the top. This is true to some extent for this service. Search engines evolve at lightning speed and are becoming more sophisticated. In addition, competitors don’t stand still either. Therefore, ranking better than your competitor today is no guarantee for tomorrow. Moreover, Google is constantly updating its algorithm to improve user experience. Staying informed is an important part of the job for us. This knowledge provides an advantage over the competition. We are happy to advise and ensure that you always meet the latest requirements.

Projects we are proud of.

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What costs should I consider?

The cost of an SEO specialist is highly dependent on the activities that need to be performed. In addition, the amount of pre- and post-work required to develop content and create a strong link profile varies per project. The work can always be divided into one-time and monthly support. At the start of a project we will start with setting up a keyword research, get to know each other better by going through the kickoff together and start optimizing the basis. If everything is in place we will start with monthly improvements. Which work we do on a monthly basis depends very much on the wishes, goals and basis with which we start. It often includes link building to strengthen the link profile, further optimization or creation of content and of course advice.

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Working together with Convident

It is clear that enough can be done but where to start, what is the most important part and how to proceed? In order to get started with this, a pre-established tactical plan is needed. This discusses, for example, that all parts should be picked up. It can therefore be more efficient and therefore more profitable to outsource an SEO specialist from Convident. Our staff has the knowledge and expertise to develop a solid strategy. Together with you, we look at the basics. If it is in good shape, we can build on it. In addition, we at Convident believe it is important to play an advisory role. We make sure our clients understand what is happening. If desired, it is possible to transfer knowledge in order to carry out parts of the work yourself.

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