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Ranking high in Google’s search results is a major challenge for almost every entrepreneur. After all, you want to ensure that you, and not your competitor, appear at the top of Google’s organic search results. The differences between being at the top and the bottom are huge: only in 9 percent of the cases the searcher takes the time to view the bottom search results. Are you on page 2 of Google search results? Then your visibility has plummeted to just 0.4 percent.

What is an SEO Specialist?

An SEO specialist can ensure that you rank high in Google for the search terms relevant to you and thus attract organic traffic to your website. With organic traffic we mean visitors who end up on your website or webshop via a search result in Google through a non-paid search result. The organic search results are shown below the ads in the Google search engine results. To have your website score as high as possible here, an SEO specialist will optimize your web environment.

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Convident’s SEO specialists analyze, improve and share the results in a clear report.

SEO is made up of three pillars.

What is Technical SEO

With technical SEO or technical search engine optimization, the focus is on the technical aspects of your website or webshop. An SEO specialist from Convident will optimize the technical side of your website. For example, did you know that the loading time of your website directly affects your ranking in Google? It is also of great importance that your website is built “at the back” in a search engine friendly way. The basic code of your web environment has a major influence on your findability in the search engine. Without a strong technique behind your website/webshop, Google will not show your website or will show your website very low in the organic search results. As an entrepreneur you can therefore have developed very relevant content,

Search engines are constantly reviewing all websites on the web. This is done on the basis of crawlers, which index your page. In fact, a crawler scours your entire website to get an idea of ​​what your website is about. By optimizing the technology behind your website for SEO, crawlers can find their way more easily on the website, which ultimately leads to a better ranking in the search engines. In addition to its online marketing department, Convident also has a web development department and support department. Thanks to the cooperation between our departments, we can provide a targeted approach to your search engine optimization process. Our SEO specialists from the web development department ensure that your technical SEO is rock solid.

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“The technical aspects of your website influence the ranking in Google”

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Moreover, an SEO specialist also keeps the search engine in mind when writing content. Search engines read your content first and then determine for which internet users this content is relevant. By writing relevant content in a way that the search engine can easily “read” the search engine can better estimate what your website is about. Search engines do this by using ‘Natural Language Processing’. Natural Language Processing is the English translation of computational linguistics and deals with the interactions between computers and human language.

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What is a keyword analysis?

As a starting point, an SEO specialist will often want to clearly map out for which search terms you should be found by means of a keyword analysis. This keyword research is used as input for your content marketing. It is also checked whether relevant search terms have sufficient search volume for you. This way you end up with an overview of relevant search terms that many people search for. These search terms are relevant because your target group(s) search for them and so you want to be found with your products or services.

An example: If you are a baker in Groningen, for example, there is a good chance that a search term such as “Baker in Groningen” has a high relevance for you. If you are visible for this search term, there is a reasonable chance that this will lead to a conversion. A search term such as “bake bread yourself” is not relevant to you and will, most likely, not convert.

“Suppose there are two painters, one painter knows 100 people and the other painter only 1 person. There is a good chance that the painter who knows 100 people will receive many more assignments than the painter who knows 1 person.” And that’s (roughly) how it works with link building.

However, one backlink is more valuable than another. A backlink from a website with high-quality content and high relevancy is worth more than a home page backlink. So more is not always better. The trick is to find a good balance between quantity and quality. Our SEO specialists use three ways to place backlinks: a link on the homepage, a link in the form of a blog, and a link on a partner page.

“For relevant content, keyword research is crucial”

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We have been able to read that there are numerous options for optimizing your website or webshop. But where do you start, what is the most important SEO part and how do you proceed? In order to get started with this, a tactical plan drawn up in advance is required. This discusses, for example, that all parts must be addressed. It can therefore be more efficient and therefore more profitable to outsource an SEO specialist to Convident. Our SEO specialists have the knowledge and skills to develop a solid strategy for your website or webshop. Together with you, we look at which aspects of SEO are already going well within the company and which aspects can be improved. In addition, we find it important at Convident that our SEO specialists play an advisory role. We make sure that our customers understand what is happening on the website/webshop. As a result, we ensure that they can also assign or carry out search engine optimization activities in the future.

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