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“The implementation of an online strategy appears to be far more difficult in practice than the brainstorming and scheduling process of a strategy.”

“By supporting you on a strategic level, we offer more online returns.”

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When implementing the online strategy, the overview is just as important as the attention to detail; the implementation entails both large and small digital influence. The successful implementation of strategy mapping requires the commitment of both Convident and your enterprise.

Besides the strategy mapping session, we also take charge of the project management. What does your enterprise stand for? Who is your target group? What do you want to achieve with your customized website, webshop, or online marketing journey? We brainstorm along and share our advice. The focus is entirely on your enterprise. Far too often we observe detrimental marketing decisions being made based on personal interpretation or instinct during the start-up phase. Which results in groundless conclusions with limited (online) success. Our track record proves that the strategic approach of Convident works and makes the difference between losing and winning online.

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