Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, when Convident was founded, 193 world leaders of the United Nations signed 17 Global Goals. Right from the start, Convident contributes to these global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or the Sustainable Development Goals. 7.8 million people have made their voices heard on key issues. For example, there are targets with the ambition to be fully circular by 2030. So there is work to be done and Convident is participating!


Based on the 17 global goals (Sustainable Development Goals), Convident is primarily committed to 2 chosen global goals.

Quality education.

Convident goes for good education that should be accessible to everyone! Collaboration and knowledge transfer are high in our core values. We believe that we should start with ourselves. For example, we offer our employees the opportunity to follow courses and training in addition to their work. There is plenty of room to share knowledge and to spar about topics with colleagues. In addition, Convident is in close contact with schools to offer internships and work experience places.

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Part of our profits goes to the Convident foundation, where we financially support a social cause every year. We also voluntarily make ourselves available as a digital partner of the chosen goal.

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