Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, when Convident was founded, 193 world leaders from the United Nations signed 17 World Development Goals. Convident has been contributing to these global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), or the Sustainable Development Goals, right from the start. 7.8 million people have made their voices heard on key issues. For example, there are goals with the ambition to be fully circular by 2030. So there is work to be done and Convident is participating!


No hunger

Currently, one in nine people are getting too little food: some 800 million people, two-thirds of whom live in sub-Saharan Africa and southern Asia. A major problem, as malnutrition creates vulnerable, less productive citizens who are not well able to break out of that vicious cycle.

Quality education.

Not only does good quality education positively enhance the life of an individual and her or his environment, it also gives people the tools to formulate answers to the major challenges we face in the world. This is why Convident is committed to good education which should be accessible to all! In our core values, we value collaboration and knowledge transfer highly. We believe that we have to start with ourselves. Thus, in addition to their work, we offer our employees the opportunity to follow training, courses and education. There is plenty of room to share knowledge and spar about topics with colleagues. In addition, Convident is in close contact with schools to offer internships and work experience placements.

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Gender equality

By 2030, all discrimination against women must be eliminated. Women and men should have equal rights in areas such as the labor market, education and health care. They should also have equal influence in political and economic decision-making. And by 2030, violence against women and girls must end.

Affordable and sustainable energy

For almost all of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to a greater or lesser extent, they feed into others. And here it is very clear: without energy there is no well-being and prosperity. But also: without renewable energy no success on, for example, SDG13 (combating climate change) and SDG15 (living on the land). This goal should kill those two birds with one stone by 2030.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Safe and sustainable infrastructure to which everyone has access is essential to achieving the remaining SDGs. On the one hand, this involves physical infrastructure such as roads, transportation and energy. On the other hand, there is infrastructure related to information and communication technology, such as the Internet. If we want to achieve an accessible infrastructure for all, which does not further damage the planet, more investment in industrialization and technological innovation is required.

Sustainable cities

The world is urbanizing at a rapid pace. The number of city dwellers, now fifty percent, is expected to increase by another ten percent by 2030. All the more reason to actively pursue the sustainable growth of these cities. They must become and/or remain livable. Everyone must be able to live there well, healthily and sustainably. This requires all kinds of things, such as good housing, healthy air, healthy water, enough greenery and good access to public transportation.

Addressing climate change

Greenhouse emissions are rising and rising. As a result, the earth is warming rapidly. The immediate result? A rising sea level and extreme weather, which in turn causes food shortages, water shortages, floods, the disappearance of habitat for people and animals and even more disasters. So: global greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by at least forty percent by 2030 compared to 1990. By 2050 the energy supply must be CO2 neutral.

Living on the land

We cannot live without our nature. Over thirty percent of the earth is forest. Trees give us oxygen and remove CO2 from the air. Moreover, forests provide many jobs and food worldwide, and eighty percent of all flora and fauna can be found there. In short: protecting ecosystems and biodiversity is crucial for the future of the earth and humanity.


From our core values of cooperation and knowledge transfer, this theme is very appropriate. We enjoy working together with clients, partners and our other relations. In addition, we have a large network that we like to use smartly to achieve goals. Smart cooperation is something we must do much more of if we are to achieve all the world’s goals. Together we stand strong to pass on our blue planet in a healthy way and we are happy to do our part!

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