The Convident Advisory Board

An Advisory Board has been set up by the management Rick Dreise and Rutger van de Griendt for the future development of Convident BV. The Advisory Council (RvA) are independent advisors who preserve and advise the Convident management on a very regular basis. The RvA provides solicited and unsolicited advice on strategic policy and organizational themes that are important to Convident.

convident advisory board

Advisory Board (RVA) Convident BV

Composition of the Advisory Board

Rick Dreise: “The RvA of Convident consists of a maximum of 5 members, who all have their knowledge and experience within different disciplines. The members are appointed by the management and remain participants of the RvA for at least one year. Each year a member can be reappointed, again for a period of 1 year to a maximum of 3 years.The members of the RvA are independent and are appointed on the basis of their knowledge of and affinity with our business.They are involved in the content and are particularly familiar with operational management or at a strategic level ICT. At least one member of the RvA must have links with the ICT world.”

Objective of the Advisory Board

The main purpose of the Convident Advisory Board is:

  • Guaranteeing development and quality. We would like to make use of the knowledge, expertise and experience of specialists, so that Convident’s policy is in line with the wishes and possibilities of stakeholders of Convident BV.
  • Strengthening organisation, network and activities. We would like to further translate the socially relevant vision and mission of the company into activities, which require a stronger organization and network. This includes making organizational improvements based on specific themes.
  • Transparency and legitimacy. We always demonstrate that as a company we operate transparently, initiate activities, and that we want to be a connecting organization for our relations.


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Advisory Council meetings

Rick: “The RvA members and the management of Convident BV meet at least twice a year. The meetings are often individual between the Convident management and an RvA member and are private. We expect our independent advisors to meet on a very regular basis as they preserve and give advice to the Convident management. It goes without saying that Convident takes care of the location, the food and drinks and the other facilities. We always try to meet at least once a year with all RvA members.”

Convident now has 3 RvA members on board. That means there are still 2 spots available. We are happy to fill these positions with a committed entrepreneur, (strategic) advisor and/or specialist. Do you think you can contribute to the growth of our organization? Would you like to have a periodic conversation with the Convident management, without any obligation? Then contact us!

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