Top 5 Web Design Trends for the new 2022

The world around us is constantly changing. In the first month of 2022, people experience changes that make daily life more difficult or less predictable. Moreover, they long for a greater sense of stability and balance. In the world of web design, we see this reflecting in various trends. In this blog, we take a look at the Top 5 web design trends for the new year 2022. Using the examples, we show how Convident too is applying the most popular and valuable web design trends in the new year!

1. A compelling web design will lead to more conversions

Nowadays people are more and more active on the internet. In recent years we have seen a huge increase in the number of mobile phone users. And this trend will continue in 2022. Internet users search daily from their desktop or mobile for entertainment, social contacts and use the Internet for work. The rest of the time people are looking for information about products or services to use next to the digital world. Often users in this position are looking for a feeling and inspiration. This is partly because when selling a product or translating a real-world experience, the user searches for a feeling on his digital screen. At Convident, we see that responsive web design leads to consumers being inspired.

For companies that sell products for indoor and outdoor use, it is very important to convey a message. In everyday life, we are running from one place to another. When we sit at home on the couch, we want calmness, comfort, and a sense of security. At interior design websites, we see that it is interesting to use a design for the website that feels unique, inspiring, and lively. Companies also try to use smart web design to ensure that consumers can imagine what the products will look like in their garden. For example, the image below shows how Polygon Design integrates its products in a smart way in web design, in order to convey the feeling to the consumer.


Webdesign TrendFig 1. Polygon Design – Unique and vibrant web design for conveying feeling.

2. A change in typography and in the use of color draws attention to the content

Typography embraces everything that comes with the design of texts. Think of the choice of font, color, size, line spacing, or white space within texts. A trend Convident sees in 2022 is that by integrating the typography and design of the website, attention can be drawn to important content. For example, we see that movement of texts is becoming more frequent. By applying a strong strategy, text can stand out when it incorporates movement. Buttons on your website or webshop can change in color or size when users move over them and, by doing so, stimulate the user to click on them.

In addition, the choice of color on your website or webshop is being considered more and more. Not only in the field of typography but also in the use of color throughout the web design. It is well known among web designers that different colors evoke different emotions. The color yellow is quickly associated with a feeling of happiness. However, applying a ‘splash’ yellow in your web design will not immediately bring happiness to the user. Think about the emotion you want to provoke in your user and how you can best integrate this into the typography and further web design.

3. Different types of backgrounds are coming back in web design

During the last couple of years, we have seen an increase in the use of background video sliders at Convident. In addition, a background with images that automatically appear on the homepage is often used. Another thing is the trend for dark backgrounds which will continue in 2022. A new trend for 2022 web design is the use of Line-art backgrounds and Art Deco-inspired backgrounds.

First of all, line art backgrounds are becoming more and more popular. Line art backgrounds are usually used on websites to help the user navigate the different pages. In addition, the line-art background is used to push users in a certain direction on the website. The image below from BeAgency clearly shows how the line-art background assists the user in an abstract way to read and view the available content.’s web design uses two very simple arcs in the corners to draw the user’s attention to what matters most, which is ‘Book a space’.

Webdesign TrendFig 2. BeAgency – Abstract line art navigates users over the content.


 3. – Line-art draws the user’s attention to the central element.

4. Interactive web design provides added value for users

A major trend that Convident web designers are seeing in 2022 is the use of interactive web design. In particular, websites with a commercial background or webshop use interactive elements to offer added value to the users. With this, the web design should attract the visitors, then involve them in the content and convert them. Examples of interactive web design are video and image slideshows or company employees who change their position when the user scrolls over it with the mouse. In addition, interactive sliders that allow users to see before & after results provide added value. See the video below in which BeDentist makes very smart use of this.


Video 1. BeDentist – An Interactive slider provides added value.

But watch out! Because another trend we see is the rise of the minimalist approach to the design of websites or webshops. The basic premise of the minimalist approach is that minimal web design will result in maximum speed. Nowadays, users on the internet are bombarded with advertisements, promotions, indentations, or other messages. We see that companies increasingly understand how a few strong messages in their web design can lead to more conversions. Extensive texts with explanations make a way for short, clear statements that still contain the essence of the message. Our web designers see that the minimalistic approach to web design very often improves the user experience.

5. Non-traditional Scrolling

Today’s website users behave differently on a website than they did 20 years ago. The vast majority of users access the Internet through a touchscreen mobile device. Traditionally, only vertical scrolling on a website or webshop was possible due to the use of the keyboard and computer mouse. With mobile devices, a web design can be developed with a smoother and more intuitive user experience. In addition to the vertical use, users can also swipe horizontally or diagonally to view the website content on their mobile devices. For example, Convident sees the design of certain websites becoming more and more game-like.


Video 2. BVO – Non-traditional way of navigating through web design.

Curious about the possibilities of new web design trends for 2022? Feel free to contact us or drop by the office for a cup of coffee. Our web designers and web developers are happy to advise you on how these new trends can be integrated into your website or webshop!

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