Webshop development

You want to create an optimized web shop? You are looking for an experienced web agency that will develop a user-friendly, but above all result-oriented web shop for you so that you will get more conversions from your new web shop? Our track record shows that Convident’s WordPress web shops make the difference, and we are proud of that!


Convident is a specialist in e-commerce. We use the reliable e-commerce system WordPress Woocommerce. We have skilled Woocommerce expertise. Because just as important: you have to be able to manage it yourself. In e-commerce, it starts with the customer journey to the user experience to the technical core. We see that WordPress Woocommerce can fulfill all (growth) ambitions of our clients; hence it is the platform of our choice. Complete with all shop functionalities. So you can easily get started with your online store yourself.

  • Powerful Webshop functionalities
  • Strategy mapping
  • Wireframes
  • Conversion-oriented

Converting Webshops!

Before we start realizing the webshop, we will first make an inventory of the wishes of your organization at the so-called drawing board. Strategy mapping (sprint 0), wireframing (sprint 1), designing (sprint 2) and technical realization (sprint 3) will be discussed. Because the higher the revenue, the more important scalability, advanced features and product support become. WordPress e-commerce is also an extensible system. There are thousands of extensions available. For very specific needs, custom extensions can also be built by us. Whether it is for the business market or consumer market focused. Your online store must sell products.

Conversion and optimization are central to the entire process at Convident. Even after going live, we are ready for further development, measurement and optimization!

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WooCommerce solutions

“WooCommerce modules from Convident are versatile and flexible for ambitious e-commerce organizations. Online sales have gone through the roof”

Why choose Convident and WooCommerce?

Besides our approach, we at Convident have translated our years of experience with WordPress e-commerce into a toolbox of standard modules. The standard modules ensure that new webshops build on the research and programming work of previous projects. This gives every project a flying start.

Combine this with trained WooCommerce experts, e-commerce know-how from our online marketers, functional knowledge and technical robustness that meets good security requirements. The Convident mix of experience, modules, approach, specialists and technology makes us a logical choice for any WordPress WooCommerce project. Are you interested or want to know more? Don’t hesitate and contact us.

With a good WordPress webshop comes quality web hosting, server management and accessible support & maintenance. Convident has that to offer as well!

New success stories every day!

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Create a webshop

Strengthen your company’s proposition and online position with a WordPress webshop by Convident. We deliver an e-commerce infrastructure, custom functionality and a smooth experience needed for an enjoyable and reliable buying experience for your customers. In accordance with sprints, we work towards going live. In everything we take into account the online marketing of your products. Having a webshop created by Convident means that from the very first sketch, we take into account online marketing through search engine optimization (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA) or social media marketing applications. We are happy to meet with you to list all your requirements!

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