What does Convident do about joy at work?

At Convident we work with young talent. A few questions are important to us: When do colleagues come into their own, do they know who they are and where they are going? What are our employees passionate about? Rick Dreise of Convident: “These were the core questions that kept us occupied in recent years at Convident. Clients do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients. At Convident we believe in more results by investing in the well-being of our employees, because happy employees are important to be successful as an organization,” says Rick. Read on and get an impression of how Convident happiness at work works.

Sticking to your core values

​​At Convident we have a flat organizational structure. With an enthusiastic team of specialists, we create new success stories for our clients every day. Convident has 4 core values. These are values ​​that customers, partners and certainly employees can expect from us and vice versa.

  • Personal and accessible;
  • Collaboration through knowledge transfer;
  • Reliable and goal-oriented;
  • Socially concerned.

Rick: “Convident is growing and we are always looking for employees who recognize themselves in these values. As an organization we offer a lot of freedom and flexibility. We have an informal culture, where everyone can use their own talents. Because we are not a very large organization I think there is a lot of variety and challenge in the work and we have short lines of communication. It is important that we have sufficient and pleasant social contacts. This was challenging last year, but we also found our way here by organizing online events organizing and regularly contacting us, sending gifts, facilitating home workplaces, etc. You and Convident recognize that working together must be based on trust, dedication and transparency. That is what it is all about for us. Of course the end result counts. But with us it counts certainly also how to get there, because we have agreed with each other how we work. These values contribute to happiness at work.”

What demand(s) do we see among our people?

Rick: “The expectations of our employees are usually very high. Who am I, what can I do and where am I going? We objectify this feeling to prevent, for example, young professionals from overshooting and working their way upside down. Every quarter we have KPI (Key Performance Indicators) conversations in which we discuss the goals of our employees and the organization. We have an extensive Werken bij Convident (Working at Convident) website and an employee guide that stands for a clear structure within our HR process with the HR slogan: ”Happy healthy connected.” The difference between the generations within our company is not extremely large. We just have to make sure that people listen to each other and understand each other. The talent of someone in their late 40s may be professional, while an online marketer of about 25 years is in the speed of all the tools he or she uses. Those two generations can work well together! Our turnover is low: 2.0%. About 2/3 is voluntary course. Colleagues stay with us for a long time, make great strides and eventually look further outside. A few boomerangs return. There is always room for them. A great advantage of a fast-growing company.”

Which organization do you find inspiring in in terms of “joy at work”?

Rick: “I find Tony Chocolonely inspiring. I recently had a seminar where someone talked about this organization – its way of working and culture. Trust, pride and pleasure are central. It comes from within and the organization wants to mean something for society , add value. Attention to people, transparency, communication. All this is reflected in the growth of the organization. Employees experience happiness at work and this is quickly reflected in the results, that is something I take with me for our own social projects and foundation. Younger generations are becoming more self-aware. “In the past” work was mainly work. Now there is more and more focus on using your talents and things that give you energy. Doing work where you don’t have to look at the clock or work towards the weekend I think it’s very important to be aware of this, zoom out for a bit and realize that what you’re doing is whether you find happiness there. Ultimately, this is mostly in your own hands.”

What grade do our people give about “joy at work” and why?

Rick: “Our people rate their happiness at work at Convident a big 8. This can be found in the theme Our Travel Stories on the Working at Convident website. Employees experience a lot of freedom and autonomy, which is extremely important to me as a co-founder. There is enough room for initiatives and a lot of flexibility. In addition, they find it a pleasant working environment with nice colleagues and a lot of involvement and passion – that makes me happy. Happiness at work is very important to us. If it is good, you do work that recharges you and it is a way of working that gives you energy and that makes a positive contribution to life and happiness. For me it is linked to personal values. It comes from yourself and the choices you make and that is for everyone I find it important, for example, that I get satisfaction out of it, that I am stimulated, that I have autonomy, challenge, variety, connection, that I can mean something/add value, where I can can deploy talents. A happiness killer at work? That people should not make their own decisions. A Death Eater. Work encompasses a large part of the lives of our employees, so it is important that they do a job that enables them to experience happiness.”

Distributed working is the future

Rick: “Today’s workplace is no longer limited to within the four walls of an office. Remote, but then next level: physically and virtually together. Nowadays, for example, you can work at home, at the office, at a customer or even on the road. , in one or more of these locations within the same week or even within one working day, as a result a workforce is distributed across multiple locations at any given time.” For Convident, these are the focal points for properly deploying distributed work:

  • Work can be done anywhere;
  • Work from any device;
  • Work is always possible;
  • Collaboration and communication;
  • Culture, well-being and learning;
  • Digital experience;
  • Safety.

“Distributed working is a variation of the term remote working. A distributed workforce is a group of employees who can work from different locations. It’s about being able to work together, wherever they are, by having access to the right systems and content. This is also a path that Convident took years ago. Our office building in the heart of the city certainly functions as a workplace, but also increasingly as a meeting place, says Rick.”

At Convident we make the coolest WordPress websites and webshops every day. In addition, we offer converting online marketing (SEO, SEA and Social) campaigns! We have 12+ enthusiastic colleagues, but we are looking for even more. More and more organizations and companies want to work with Convident and, therefore, we also need more people. People who work with enthusiasm and with 100% commitment! And for those people we like to pull out all the stops. Come by and be inspired. Would you like more information about happiness at work and how Convident uses it? Have a meeting with us!

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