What is guest blogging and why is it important to your business?

Guest blogging is a very popular method among online marketing specialists to realize more traffic and/or authority for your website. Guest blogging is all about posting content on external platforms. Guest blogging is a derivative of the very popular blog. But what is guest blogging, what is involved, and what are the benefits of guest blogging for the entrepreneur?

What is guest blogging?

A blog is the abbreviation of a weblog and refers to a website on which new posts are regularly posted. In most cases, the website on which the blog is posted is an interactive system, which allows website visitors to comment on the blog.

To understand what guest blogging is all about, let’s first explain what blogging generally stands for. Blogging evolved from ‘the online diaries’ published in the 1990s after the invention of HTTP protocols. This is how a blog was created by ‘bloggers’ who wrote texts about their lives and published them online. Over the years, blogging has evolved into a phenomenon where bloggers write content about certain topics, interests, opinions, and products or services. A blog can be placed in various forms on certain platforms, but you will learn more about this later.

In blogging, you are writing content for your own platforms. This way you provide information or inspire your visitors with your own written content. With guest blogging you will want to post your own content on external platforms. There are various motivations for guest blogging, each of which has its own purpose. At Convident, we know it can be highly relevant to your business, as the third-party platform has already built a community. This entire community will be interested in or have common ground with your discussed topics or products/services.

Wat is Guest blogging?

How do you place your blogs on external platforms?

Nowadays there are several ways to post your content on external platforms and thus apply guest blogging. The most obvious option is to contact another blogger who owns his/her own blogging website. On this website, the blogger will only post own or shared content that is very specifically aimed at a certain topic. As an entrepreneur, you can research blog websites that match your target group. By contacting the administrator of the blog website it is possible to enter into a collaboration and guest blog on his/her website.

In addition, many bloggers are also active on social media channels. Think of Facebook or Twitter, where a lot of microblogging takes place. Microblogging focuses on blogging, but the content is much less. However, the content can be shown to visitors in different forms on social media channels. Images and videos give your text more power. Moreover, the engagement on social media channels is a bit higher than on a blog website. Visitors will respond faster to a social media post than to a written blog on a website.

Finally, there is the option to post your guest blog on the news page or blog page of another company. Often companies own specific pages that are focused on blogs. Here, companies write content that is relevant to their own products/services or have guest blogs posted by relevant external companies.

There are sometimes a number of requirements for posting a guest blog on external platforms. So always ask for the conditions for posting a guest blog at an external platform. In addition, keep the target audience of the external platform you are writing for in mind. The content should be as relevant as possible to the target audience. Moreover, your guest blog is not a standard sales pitch, but an informative and relevant blog for the visitors.

Voordelen Guest blogging

What are the benefits of guest blogging?

Now that we know what guest blogging is all about and how to get started as an entrepreneur, we would like to share its benefits with you. The following are four benefits of guest blogging for your business:

1. More traffic to your website/webshop.

Posting an informative and relevant guest blog can lead to more traffic on your website or webshop. By placing hyperlinks in your guest blog, the reader can be redirected to your website/webshop. So make sure you use links in your guest blog.

2. More authority through stronger link profile.

Guest blogging is a form of link building and, therefore, search engine optimization. Because you place links in guest blogs to your content on external platforms, you are link building. When guest blogs are posted on external websites with a high domain authority, your link profile will become stronger. Google values ​​websites/webshops with a strong link profile and will rank them higher in the organic search results. Do you want to know more about link building? Check out our link building page.

3. Very easy to use.

A third advantage of guest blogging is that it is very easy to implement. As a guest blogger you only have to deliver your written content to the external website. The administrator of the external website is then responsible for the other matters. He/she must have a set up and working website, so that your guest blog can be posted. As an entrepreneur, you can apply guest blogging to your company without having to master any technical knowledge.

4. Build long-term relationships with partners within the working area.

If you have been engaged in guest blogging as an entrepreneur for a long time, you will see that you come into contact with partners in your area more often. With these partners or bloggers you can build a long-term relationship and strengthen each other in guest blogging.


Would you like to learn more about the possibilities of guest blogging for your company? Feel free to contact one of our online marketers, they will be happy to help you!

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