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Digital Wireframes with Figma

After the goals for your website or webshop are known, we base the wireframe on these ideas. We have often noticed that clients unconsciously start to draw wireframes, to clearly share their vision. So you could view wireframes as a communication tool to clearly communicate ideas to the team.

Wireframes are often confused with prototypes. But there is a significant difference between the two. A wireframe is focused on the functionality and the content and not as much on aesthetics. It shows the layout of the pages within the website or webshop without style, color, or graphic elements. The goal is to show the structural information with additional content, the navigation features, and the extent to which these elements collaborate.

Our track record shows that the wireframes from Convident make the difference and we are proud of that!

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Planet 3P0

Planet 3P0

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1000 Banen Plan
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The Friends of the Brain Institute Foundation – Brain Friend

The Friends of the Brain Institute Foundation – Brain Friend
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