WooCommerce Payments – Simple and fast payment via the WordPress plugin

Today’s consumer gives less and less time to be convinced by a seller. Where we are used to go extensively for the most beautiful clothing, furniture or other things, we now simply buy many of these items online. With the mobile phone in our pocket, a purchase is no more than two clicks away. The situation is even more current, now that consumers are making more purchases online, because of the long-lasting crisis. It is therefore important to make the payment process on your webshop as simple and fast as possible for the consumer. If you own a WooCommerce webshop, you can no longer do without the new WooCommerce Payments plugin. In this article we explain to you what the WooCommerce Payments plugin is and how it works, what its advantages are and how you integrate it with your WooCommerce webshop.

What is the WooCommerce Payments plugin and how does it work?

The WooCommerce Payments plugin is a fully integrated solution to simplify the payment process on your webshop. There are already several plugins for the payment processes on the webshop, such as Stipe and Mollie. Both are good plugins, but with the changing payment world, consumers are constantly looking for better. The WooCommerce Payments plugin, on the other hand, contains the latest payment technologies. The new plugin enables you as an entrepreneur to check outgoing costs, settle debts easily, track other deposits and payments and integrate with the costs of your (possible) physical store.

The WooCommerce Payments plugin is specially designed for WooCommerce webshops. WooCommerce webshop can be built by entrepreneurs via WordPress. Millions of WordPress websites and WooCommerce webshops have already been developed worldwide. With the new plugin, WooCommerce wants to make it easier for its users to also arrange payments within the webshop. Because the plugin is integrated in the dashboard of your WooCommerce webshop, you can oversee and manage all your transactions in one place. Bank accounts and other Excel files are therefore a thing of the past with the new plugin. Also, with the Payments plugin, consumers stay within the environment of your webshop while paying. Where in the past new tabs were loaded and consumers had to make payments on other websites, the consumer now remains within your WooCommerce webshop throughout the payment process.


Is the WooCommerce Payments plugin available in the Netherlands?

The WooCommerce Payments plugin is now also available in the Netherlands, so please contact us. Then we will download it for you and you can get started right away!

In addition, the plugin is available in:

– Australia – Poland
– Austria – Portugal
– Belgium – Spain
– Canada – Switzerland
– France – The United Kingdom
– Germany – The United States
– Ierland Only preview mode:
– Italy – Hong Kong
– New Zealand – Singapore

What are the benefits of the plugin for the entrepreneur?

In addition to the fact that the consumer can pay within the same WooCommerce webshop and the entrepreneur can view all transactions safely and clearly in his WordPress dashboard, there are a number of other advantages in using the new WooCommerce Payments plugin. We have made a list for you below:

  • The plugin is free to download.
  • The WooCommerce Payments plugin accepts many different currencies. Where in the past plugins did not support all payment methods, the new plugin supports 135+ currencies.
  • Partly because of the large number of payment options, the conversion rate of your WooCommerce webshop is increased. When consumers can pay within two clicks via Apple Pay, Google Pay or iDeal, they will be less inclined to leave your WooCommerce webshop when paying. It regularly happens that consumers decide not to make a purchase in the middle of the payment process. This can be for several reasons, such as switching to a different payment window. With the WooCommerce Payments plugin this is no longer the case.
  • The WooCommerce Payments plugin makes your workday easier. Because the plugin is integrated with your WooCommerce webshop, you no longer have to log in to external payment processing sites.
  • Quick and easy access to your transactions with the WooCommerce Payments plugin. Eligible merchants can transfer earnings to personal or alternative debit cards within minutes using the plugin.
  • Ensure a smooth automatic transfer of your available balance to the nominated account with the WooCommerce Payments plugin.


What are the benefits of the plugin for the consumer?

In addition to the advantages of using the WooCommerce Payments plugin, there are also a few advantages for consumers:

  • Consumers pay directly within the environment of your WooCommerce webshop. The plugin now ensures a smooth and fast completion of the payment process, instead of being redirected to a new window where payment can be made, This results in a reduction in the number of abandoned shopping carts.
  • Consumers can see different prices and indicate their preferred currency.
  • With the WooCommerce Payments plugin, consumers can save their credit card details for faster payments in the future.

How do you integrate the WooCommerce Payments plugin with your webshop?

Now that we have been able to see how the WooCommerce Payments plugin works and what the benefits are for you and your consumer, there is nothing else waiting than installing the plugin for your WooCommerce webshop. But how does this actually work? Below is a simple step-by-step plan with which you have installed the plugin:

  1. Log in to your WooCommerce webshop environment (WordPress)
  2. Go to Plugins –> Add New
  3. Select the WooCommerce-payments.zip file
  4. Click on ‘Install Now’
  5. When the installation is complete, see your ‘Plugin installed successfully’
  6. Click on the ‘Activate Plugin’ button at the bottom of the page.

Curious about the possibilities for your webshop? Feel free to contact us or drop by the office for a cup of coffee. Our online marketers and web developers are happy to advise you on how you can further optimize your webshop.

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