WordPress MVP Development

Suppose you want to get started with a service or a product, but you don’t feel like an in-depth investment or long development time. Then it is very useful to use WordPress website to market a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development. This allows you to immediately collect important feedback from the users and further develop your product.

What is MVP?

An MVP is essentially the minimal version of a product or service. It is put on the market to test whether there is demand for the product or service in question. In addition, it can also immediately generate turnover with which the product can be further developed. A Silicon Valley entrepreneur argued that it is unnecessary to build a full product with a whole set of features to test the viability and feasibility of a product, let alone launch it at all. An MVP is the right alternative for this as it gives you the opportunity to collect feedback from users and informs you which steps need to be taken to develop the ideal product. It is a product in a basic form and it helps you investigate whether there is a demand for your product or service. In addition, through the feedback from your users, you can find out what the customer’s requirements are for a product like yours. This is valuable input to further develop the product and to turn your idea into a successful product.


The benefits of using WordPress for the MVP

Creating a WordPress website is an ideal way to market your idea because you can build a beautiful website within WordPress with a relatively small investment. In addition, there are a few more reasons to use WordPress to market your MVP development for your website:

  • It is a proven solution with functionalities such as content management and user registration. Sites like the New Yorker, TechCrunch, CNN, and Time all run on WordPress.
  • Designing your website will be easy thanks to websites like Themeforest that host thousands of WordPress themes.
  • Websites like Upwork have experience with WordPress developers who are available to help you create your web platform if needed.

WordPress is a powerful tool that is packed with themes, plugins, and functionalities which can be used when marketing an MVP. You can launch your website very quickly with WordPress.org and customize it to your requirements. Then you are ready to collect feedback from your target market.

Purpose of a Minimum Viable Product

The purpose of an MVP is to test the feasibility of your idea on the market. With an MVP you put your idea on the market in the simplest way. In addition to testing, the MVP also provides feedback from the users. This allows you to further imporve the product to meet consumer demands. Because the idea is already on the market, you also receive money which you can use for the further development of your idea. This ensures that you do not have to go into debt first to put the idea on the market. In addition, because of the feedback, you only add essential features that the consumer requests and there is less chance that you invest money in features that the user will not need. It is important that the idea is translated into a well-functioning product, and there must also be a market for the product. To be profitable, enough users must be willing to pay for your product/service.

Users will discuss the pros and cons of your MVP while they criticize the product and provide feedback to you. This is beneficial for you as you receive valuable input on your product. After processing the feedback, any nessecary adjustments could be made for a better version of your idea. With a Minimum Viable Product, you can test the potential of your product. It creates confidence in your product and shows potential investors that your product is demanded and has monetary value. Investors don’t put money into an idea that hasn’t proven its worth yet. By putting the idea on the market already, you can provide proof of the potential that your product or service has.

MVP Development

An MVP development starts with the right partner. Technical partners are more than just software developers as you concentrate on adding valuable features. We recommend working with partners who can help you make managerial decisions about the development of the MVP. In most cases it is also advisable to start with a so-called sprint. Before you start the actual development of the product, the scope and definition are first determined.

Focus on the problem of your users. If your product doesn’t solve the problem why should users want to use it? It is advisable to start with a maximum number of functions. This makes it simple and effective for the users.

The costs of an MVP development

When you have an MVP development, you immediately start building a user interface and the essential features of a product. The costs are therefore completely dependent on the scope, complexity, and scale of the project. The costs are considerably lower than a larger product with a large number of features. This is because you only build the features in your product that are of added value for the user. After all, you are already testing the product with the end-user. The feedback gives you input about the requirements for the product or service with which you can build the right features. When you put a complete version on the market, there is a greater chance that it will contain features that are unnecessary for the user and in which you did not have to invest money.


Doing business with an MVP

For an entrepreneur, an MVP is a perfect method to accelerate the realization of a product that is both close to the users/market and at the same time keeps costs low. By means of an MVP, you can develop a comprehensive product vision. You can also build an idea for less high costs. You only develop the must-have features that keep users happy. The users also provide the necessary input, the possibility to collect feedback from your target is an important success factor for your product. By means of an MVP, you can quickly enter the market and offer equal value to the audience and bind it quickly.

Do you also want to have a WordPress website built to market your MVP development? Please, contact us via email or through the phone. We have a lot of experience in building successful websites!

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